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  1. Well I called Vodafone today and checked if it was on the stolen blacklist and they say not so I guess it's faulty. Have had a reply from the seller who sounds reasonable so my faith in ebay is semi restored. I'm going to take it into a vodafone store first to see if they can do anything for me.
  2. Hmm thanks I did wonder ;) after having a few bad purchases on ebay I've contacted the seller to see what they say re it being faulty
  3. Help! My Diamond has lost it's sparkle. I have no signal just an ! next to the antenna logo. It's not network coverage as I've tried another phone with my 3 sim and my vodafone sim in the diamond and no signal with either network, although I get a message that I need to update the settings for this network. I have tried reflashing the origional vodafone rom and reflashing the radio to and now none of which get me a signal. If I do a manual search for a network the phone finds vodafone, o2, orange, 3 and t-mobile but none give me a signal :-( any help I've only had the phone for a couple of weeks after buying it new off ebay.
  4. You sure you're not just getting older ;-) I'm currently surfing as I'm stuck on Lego Indianna (not on the Niki unfortunatly that would be cool)
  5. I had a similar issue to this and discovered it was a problem with the bonding between the layers of the touchscreen. I ordered a replacement and on getting to the last stop discovered that the replacement was the wrong part. Lesson for future check the part before dismantling phone. So I now have 30+ parts of a phone and no screen ;) hopefully the ebay dealer will come up with the correct part. Be warned if you buy from ebay that some of the parts are incorrect, you can see from the photos that the electrical contact runs in the wrong direction.
  6. Mine works fine with both car kit and GPS on my old WM5 PPC and my current WM5 smartphone so I would have thought it should with most devices and software. When in a call the navigation software mutes.
  7. Which version do you need to run on the c600? I thought it only ran on PPC mobiles.
  8. Thanks for the reply monolithix, i suspected that they would be the same poor quality as many cheap Chinese products but I'm keen for this type of solution. I'd still like to here if anyone knows if they run windows mobile or Symbian as for not much more than £100 it might be worth a gamble.
  9. I'm fed up of having to carry both my work and personal mobile phones and have seen what are described as Dual SIM smartphones advertised by hongkong dealers on ebay. Has anyone any experience of these and know if and run Windows mobile or Symbian OS? I'd like a phone that has the ability to run a sat nav program preferably TomTom and also work with my blue-tooth car kit.
  10. All the dual sim adapters I've seen simply pass through the side of the battery and stick on the back of the phone. To operate they alternate between sims when you turn the phone off and back on. Not a great solution IMO. To have a phone run 2 sims cuncurrently you can get some phones from HK that do this.
  11. I've just checked my bill and found I've been charged
  12. I too flashed with the Imate ROM and havn't looked back took a coulpe of mins max to re add the gprs settings.
  13. I've used a v3's mains charger with my Vario so I can't see any reason why the car charger wouldn't work
  14. Thanks wez_p, I feel a bit of an idiot now I read that post and mixed it up with tmpenc the software used to encode the files. :oops:
  15. I took mine into the T-Mobile store where the chap was very helpful (fellow Vario user) He completed the documentation and sent it in for repair. You should return your phone to wherever you bought it from that's who should be sorting out your problem. You have no contract with the manufacturer and it's not for you to deal with them.
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