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  1. Try wiping the Cache/Dalvik Cache? Your phone is probably trying to boot off the cache from the old ROM. Failing that, perform a factory reset (wipe Data, wipe Cache, wipe Dalvik cache, maybe even Internal Storage if it comes to it.) If that doesn't work, just tell us the steps you did exactly. -Fallen
  2. How recently did this happen after upgrading to CM11, and have you rebooted since? It seems other people have been unable to place calls until a clean reinstall - but try rebooting first. If you install apps through pc to phone via a USB cable, the app signature normally breaks. Probably not the right topic to post this in. Also, it could be the result of a broken app or the MD5/Sha-* value being incorrect. EDIT: Try install through the Android Debug Bridge using shell push.
  3. It really depends on whether the functionality was injected into the ROM, some CM roms for, say, a SII now have the functionality after the makers were told, but I don't think it's possible on the U8815. If you had a nandroid backup, just revert to that, take off SIM lock or just head over to the Huawei site and reinstall international 4.0.3 ICS and then remove SIM lock. EDIT: Didn't really read your post very well, I'm not really familiar with how the actual process would be done of unlocking unless you actually have an already locked phone, remove the locked SIM and then input the code.
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