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  1. Good to hear. Really appreciate the work you've done. Been running your custom ROMs on my smart ultra 6 from CM 12.1 onwards. Thanks
  2. Hi there. I'm not having any obvious issues with my camera, seem similar to pictures taken with stock ROM. I didn't manage to fix the USB issue. One time I restarted my phone into recovery TWRP while it was still connected to my laptop and somehow Windows can detect it as a USB mass storage.This only happens while in recovery mode where you installed this LineageOS ROM so the phone needs to be powered off, then powered up while holding volume down.
  3. I've been running the Jan 18th version of LineageOS 14.1 for about a week with no major issues. I'd like to thank nutsda for his work getting a workable version of Android Nougat available to download. I did have a few minor issues and thought I'd detail what they were and how I dealt with them. Hopefully this might be useful to anyone else if they're having similar problems. 1) Root. I tried using the file "addonsu-14.1-arm-signed.zip" flashed in TWRP but for some reason I couldn't get root access to work. I ended up flashing an older version of Superuser I had saved, "SuperSU-v2.76.zip", and it's now working correctly. 2) PC connection. When connecting the phone via USB it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer. In Device Manager there is an entry under "Other devices - MTP" and it does show up via ADB. If I reboot to TWRP it shows up in Windows Explorer when connected over USB. 3) Headphones. Fairly often when headphones are inserted they aren't detected and sounds are played through the external speaker. If I insert the headphone plug into the jack slowly, over 2-5 seconds, they are detected everytime. Sorry for the wall of text and I'd like to reiterate that none of these problems are that bad. Thanks again to nutsda for providing this update as well as CM12.1 previously, I really appreciate it.
  4. That's a shame. When I first bought my SU6 I asked Vodafone and their reply was fast charging would be made available in a future update. It's been quite a while but I hoped Marshmallow would finally add this advertised feature. I agree it's stupid something could be printed on the box but not actually provided. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
  5. I'm pretty happy with my Smart Ultra 6 running Lollipop. The only thing I miss is quick charge support which was advertised on the retail box the phone came in. Has anyone tried using a quick charger with the new ROM?
  6. Hello there. I understand I need to use stock recovery to flash the official zip files provided by ZTE. In the link I provided in my first post a modaco member managed to modify the official zip and produced a flashable file that is compatible with TWRP. It is not exactly the same file but close enough for what I'm looking for. I'd like to avoid going the official route and replacing TWRP with stock recovery as I in the past I had a lot of trouble getting root access to take long enough to flash TWRP, where I could install Superuser and get permanent root.
  7. I've been having some issues on my phone and wanted to go back to near stock ROM but keep root access. I had a lot of trouble rooting my phone so am trying to avoid replacing TWRP with the stock recovery, therefore losing root access, to flash the official ROM. I would like to flash a version of the stock 5.1.1 ROM from within TWRP if possible. Is there a TWRP Flashable Stock Rom for 5.1.1 (UK07b). I've looked through the forum posts but could only find a post for MR01d.
  8. I just tried the link and it plays correctly. I know I had the problem before where some videos played at 480p so I checked them out again and they now play at 1080p60 or 720p60. It looks like 60fps playback is causing an issue somewhere.
  9. Sorry to hear that. I just checked a few videos on my Youtube app. They default to 480p but if I click the settings button and choose quality it shows up to 1080p. I understand the frustration as I regularly watch Youtube and when I first had the issue I thought I'd have to revert back to stock. Good luck with finding a solution.
  10. I also had this problem and it persisted after rebooting. What I did was first uninstall Youtube then reboot to TWRP. (It's a good idea to do a backup here if you haven't done one yet just in case.) Go to wipe, then advanced wipe and select cache and dalvik cache. Take care not to swipe for Factory Reset or in advanced wipe not to choose System or Data as you will then have to reflash or restore from backup. When the phone reboots it show a message, optimising apps. This is normal and takes a few minutes. When your phone fully loads go to the play store and reinstall Youtube. Hopefully this fixes the problem, it did on my mobile. Good luck.
  11. That seemed to have been the issue. I clicked to show WiFi and the correct date was shown. Even when I choose to hide WiFi the date is still correct. Thanks a lot for your help. I'll keep using this ROM and look forward to anything else from you.
  12. Hi. I was using mobile data when I saw noticed the date issue. I've attached some photos showing the problem.
  13. Good ROM, fast and seems stable. However there are two issues that I've been having. First is the Data usage date cycle is set to January 1970. Can only change the day from 1 to 30, no way to change month and year. The second is when I plug in a USB through a OTG cable there is no longer a notification. Previously I could safely unmount with one touch on the notification but now need to navigate to settings - > storage - > unmount. As I said just small niggles, overall am grateful for the work you've done on this ROM. Thanks
  14. I saw your post after submitting mine. The post I mentioned is the one you linked to above. Thanks
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