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  1. someone has the rom b200 lite of sergiohp ?? if someone has to pass the link
  2. ¿Me podría pasar el enlace puesto de Delgado kat? Esquema I no lo encuentra
  3. Guys, to my huawei g510 something happens to me, I have the stock rom without a custom kernel and rooted, I have eliminated the google apps that I did not use. And when I'm using it no matter where it restarts and sometimes it restarts and the Huawei logo does not pass. What solution do you have? !!
  4. Hi, I have in my huawei g510 the stock rom rom and it goes very slow, I installed the cexstel kernel 0.62 with the swap dragon neutral. What soucion do you have ?? P.D: the videos in instagram do not reproduce, what solution does it have ??
  5. I have a problem, I do not know if it happens to anyone else. Is that when I flash the rom and I'm going to put my gmail account, the phone reboots and goes into a reboot loop, I explain, it reboots, then the startup animation appears, then the application preparation screen appears when it arrives To google play services is caught and restarted and so for a long time. What solution does or does anyone have? Edito I install the rom cm-13.0-20161211-UNOFFICIAL-u8951 with gapps open_gapps-arm-6.0-pico-20161217
  6. i do not know if happens to someone else but when the device takes a few minutes at rest and you turn on the screen is left as in lollipop and the camera that comes by default appears a message saying: can not establish connection whith the camera. sorry for my english
  7. the camera closes when you open (at least in my case, not if alguin happens) probe to put the camera on google and if it worked on the upgrade but from that actulaizacion 02/28 to 05/01 no works (last 05/08 I'm downloading to install) sorry for my English, I do not speak English natively, I use google translator thanks and best regards and I hope that bug / error is resolved in future updates
  8. hello, I have a problem, is that installing the latest version with the gapps when making the initial settings, the screen certainly merge the password for your Wi-Fi network appears, I enter the password and another screen appears saying "checking the connection this process takes a few minutes "when they spend 4 or 5 minutes, a telling picture I get" could not connect "I give where it says accept and leads me to the screen wifi and if I give I forget the key I can not skip that step. someone else happens???
  9. in my view lacks the slimota as in slimkat asin can receive actualizacines by "ota "
  10. hello, I have followed the tutorial and when lit after flash the zip file, I also clean the cache, and the Android logo not go through several restarts. someone give me a solution? thanks in advance and greetings I edit I'll try to reinstall the ROM from scratch with Xposed file.
  11. as you have installed this ROM Xposed? I've tried and I get error. can you help me. thanks in advance.
  12. as you can install this ROM Xposed framework of lollipop? :rolleyes: thanks in advance, and greetings
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