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  1. I thought a refurb hudl2 is around 80 now, and with all the deals you find around the internet, pretty sure there is a way to get one for less then 60quid. Not sure if you can still manually back stuff up since if its only a chip, it might still be able to read all your storage stuff via usb just a thought...
  2. Thought I would update everyone but since nobody seemed to have an issue I sent my tablet back for a replacement which did come the next day, so that was handy. Been using it for a couple days now, rooted and gaming like before. And no dead pixel, so i can only be certain my last one was a little faulty The technical guy seems to think it has something to do with a loose connection Anyway I guess the trouble of sending it back is worth it since i am suprised they did do a next day, and rooting the new device is actually a lot easier once you have everything setup first time round.
  3. or buying a lady a pint and then picking her up for a fun evening elsewhere? thats a shame
  4. Thanks, i am thinking will a case help, since they are not expensive to get in somewhere like amazon or even tesco's website
  5. Hi I am new to the forums, and the hudl 2 Anyway, I have recently bought a hudl 2 for about 10 days, played with it and it seems fine But then after i keep it charged and do some "intense" gaming on it, a thin black line appears on the screen At first, i thought a line of pixel is dead... so i did a factory reset on it, still a line of dead pixel Call up support, they are happy to replace, took a few hours, but no worries Next thing I know, picked up the tab, turn it on and the line is gone as if by magic, after not using the tab for a good few hours and fully charged. The only reason I can think of is when it overheats, that particular line of pixel doesn't seem to like to do its things Why i say it overheats is because I do play games for quite a few hours non stop, and my hudl does not have a case or anything to stand it up. And I laid it flat either on my bed or sofa, which is probably the worst thing for heat to escape I am just wondering has anyone seen this overheating issue which cause the screen to malfunction, or it shouldn't really happen no matter how hot it gets Also is it worth using something like setCPU to limit it a bit, or maybe just dont plug it in and play / stand it up with a case to let heat escape better? thanks in advance
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