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  1. Managed.to rescue my son's hudl (eventually) by digging out an old laptop, installing XP SP2 on it and flashing the (pre rooted with clockworkmod recovery) latest ROM to it (with rktools) Thinking the most important part of the process was getting the WinXP32 setup. Beg, borrow or steal (j/k) an XP system and give it a try.
  2. My son has a HUDL (original) that had been rooted (via Kingo I believe.) Due to some form of mis-match it hasn't been able to take any updates since the original one (back when the device was released.) Somehow he managed to get into the recovery and did a 'Factory Reset' which has created a rather large problem: As the HUDL reboots it has to go through initial setup. Internet connection isn't optional (and even if you connect HUDL to the router but disconnect the router from the internet) it won't progress any further until it has a connection to the update server. Once it talks to the update server it downloads and attempts to install the 1.3.x update. The trouble is that because of the non-stock bootloader (or recovery) that's been flashed the update fails. Reboot and repeat adinfinitum. Is there ANY way to break this cycle (pretty sure the Factory Reset probably disabled USB debugging) or is it now nothing more than an oversized paperweight? Thanks for any help (whatever the answer is.) Glyn
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