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  1. i have completely wiped and install the rom but now i am facing volume up button event is work
  2. yes its working 8gb a310 but show senors and volume up button wrong events on 16gb a311. :(
  3. ok, on custom roms volume up keys works in decrease volume, do u have patch to fix this?
  4. it really worked but i am getting factory mode text appears on bootup everytime. please help,
  5. I have did but it shpws Factory Mode text appers from down to up at booting screen
  6. Hello, i m from india having nitro a311. I got Factory Mode issue in nitro a311. I have tried adb code and it worked but whenever I switch on or off, Factory Mode text appears from bottom to up at the bootup screen. please hel me to fix this. please.
  7. after installing this rom, i am facing sensor issues.
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