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  1. Download the Layers Manager app from the Play Store or download it from here http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/bitsyko-development/manager/layers-manager-3-5-android-apk-download/ . Install the theme from the app (the theme can be apk that you install previously or zip file that you choose from the Layers manager app) and choose afterwards. After previous steps done reboot you phone. There are nice themes in here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102261717366580091389 . A little confusing but you'll find your way out..
  2. Are u using stock or synopsis kernel? I'm using this rom without Google stuff but am still experimenting with removing apps before flashing. I found that if u remove some google xml files or google gallery libs (or both), the rom won't boot up.
  3. How often do you flash your phone guys? Just to know that I'm not the only one who is flashing it once or twice per week.. A comfort zone
  4. I didn't have to do that with other roms. I edited apn manually and everything's ok now. Thanks
  5. A couple of inches bigger screen and battery is much worse. You also have better battery if i recall..
  6. 4 hours. I think it's best for g510. It cannot be better than this, and i'm not playing games..
  7. You can backup your apps via es file explorer and install apks manually.. it's a lot faster than downloading it from the Play Store..
  8. I completely got rid of Google in my phone. Before flashing it. I don't need push notifications that much. I can check things myself. I think it's worth it considering the fact that I have more free ram, battery lasts longer and there are plenty of alternatives and very good open source apps: Play Store - Aptoide, F- Droid ets Gmail - K9, some other email client.. Youtube - TubeMate Google Keep - Omni notes LatinIme - Any Soft Keyboard Greenify - Servicely for free and I can say, after days of testing it, it saves the battery as much as Greenify (now I have 4 hours on screen time with 1 hour WiFi without a problem - G510) Deep Sleep Battery Saver (Xposed) - saves the battery when phone sleeps, now I use my phone 2 days without a problem Smart Q Reader for pdf files - the best rendering and the fastest pdf reader I've come across Screen Filter (Xposed) - for keeping your eyes in the dark Import contacts and Export contacs apps that I downloaded from F - Droid for saving contacts AntennaPod - podcast service Diode - Reddit Fora Dictionary Pro - for offline lookup Mp3 Video Converter Opera mini etc... This is the best ROM for this device. Optimize your apps and you'll find the performance not declining for very long time and stop looking at your RAM. Just reboot once in a while
  9. Mobile data ain't workin'.. Btw u got some really good rom here, one of the fastest and smoothest I tried.. Any solution for mobile data?
  10. H3ROS, you once mentioned that in order for somebody to completly remove Google from the phone he also has to remove the remaining libs. Does one have to do that? I didn't notice any strange behavior for not doing it. Well, after removing GPS's libs once I noticed that I couldn't download from the browser but that is maybe another issue.. Edit: I removed all libs from the Google Gallery app, Google Play Services and LatinIme, removed all Google apks and my phone stuck on the carrier logo... maybe I shouldn't touch the libs other than those of GPSs..
  11. H3ROS, I just wanted to ask you if there's any chance you could possibly backport the 4.2 notification menu?
  12. Didn't have black screen so far. And battery is awesome
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