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  1. anybody know how will fix black screen on g510-0200 devices? may be anybody fix it problem? lollipop is good rom, but random black screen make me hate android 5.1.1! And this problem because of kernel, yes?
  2. i use slim zero gapps, and it's ok work. do all wipes and install slim gapps (link in head). may be you need format app caсhe... what do you get error from play market? p.s. my english is bad :mellow:
  3. good build. no black screen... SlimKat Recent Apps included. in display menu change dpi to 240
  4. "480 MHz as minimal frequency, also disabled "MP Decision" (governor untouched [ondemand]) using Kernel Aduitor" (advice by farfix) This is help me. No black screen now.
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