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  1. Definitely not the router, my other phone works fine, and this one worked before the update. I can't turn on wifi, the option is greyed out so can't be anything but the phone. Only thought is, I disabled most the Google services and apps, is there one which may interact with it?
  2. I just found a bit of a problem with it. I try to use wifi connection but the button is greyed out, so i power off the phone, then it won't turn on. I replugged the battery and it works but still no wifi access. I knew about the front camera not working, but any ideas about this one? Thanks!!
  3. http://www.rom-lollipop.org/mp3-0/zte-blade-v-5682.html I see a few broken links, and can't find any xda thread on this, can anyone verify? I noticed the download is 3 parts of 300MB which seems to large to be genuine, but it would be interesting to find out for sure. be careful if you choose to install this, it could be a scam but I am unsure
  4. Thanks for this Gkalen, installed today and works great. You are keeping the Blade V alive for many people, and I'm sure even the ones that doesn't register appreciate your work a lot.
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