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  1. you can send the link or exactly name to the program that you used to repair your zte open c, please i need this program, excuse me for my bad english
  2. the phone and contacts have forced closed when open a contact, i cant call
  3. Hi, i cant open the correo and snapchat app because forced closed
  4. hi! thanks for you help, but i cant flash the new rom for recovery, its is spoiled, when select the zip of the rom reboot my recovery:(, i have twrp recovery
  5. i´m bricked my phone when change the marshmallow to lollipop 5.1 , my phone not starting, and the recovery(cwm) reboot when select the zip rom in this cause lollipop 5.1, i can change the recovery cwm to twrp and neither worked, i need help right now i´m crying , sorry for my bad english
  6. I need help, i want change the density dpi, i cant edit the build.prop , i hace root permission
  7. which i install Android os : GEN_EU_P821E10V1.0.0B10_FUS_DL: PSTW_SDT_OPENCEBAY1.0.0B03: or ZTE_OPENC_US ZTE_OPENC_EU
  8. I do to make this partition with flasher windows , you can tell me which program download and as do the procedure please
  9. excuse me , konsta the problem with the games is the freezed the device when open a game 3d, some form to solucionaty this, i reinstalled the rom more and nothing the changes:((, this problem succed on all devices venezuelan
  10. i need plase, i coming for a team "ZTE OPEN C VENEZUELA" on facebook, where is konsta, our devices have a low memory internal, and bugs into games 3d and some applications, how is possible change the zram memory?, and some possibility of change ART to Dalvik as before? excuse me for my english, Help ours please, this rom is very good and want used good this, thanks for you attention
  11. Help me, i cant play games on 3d, is force closed and black screen, what i can do to repair this?
  12. Here a logcat, about my zte open c , help me please!!! And thanks for this beautiful rom logcat.txt
  13. I cant play the games on 3d, because is on scren black and force closed when open the game!!! All games in 3d with is bug, heelp me please:(
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