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  1. how much does your battery last? i have optimized the tablet. i even lowered the clock speed to 1ghz. all i wanted to say is that there is almost no battery optimization left for me since the screen is on lowest setting possible and the screen consumes 70% or more battery. and the tablet is usually used for gaming. my question is if this battery life is normal or not? 3h of gaming and 1h of internet browsing before it dies.
  2. they get more than that? i bought refurbished hudl 2. and looking at battery stats my display always takes atleast 70% of the battery which means that there is no app that draws power from it and its always on minimum brightness.
  3. my hudl 2 has 4h of screen on time from 100%-0%. should it have more?
  4. i have brightness on lowest possible
  5. thank you guys for all the tips. how much screen on time do you get guys? screen takes 80% of all the power on my tablet and i got around 3,5h of screen on time (this was my first chrge)
  6. of course the tablet is rooted. the first thing i did when i got it 1h ago. what about lowering the screen resolution to 720p? i know that there is an app for that. i read that if you lower the resolution the graphic performace is increased dramatically. and thank you all for the great tips. :)
  7. I would like to thank u a lot sir! you pointed me to installing the ADB drivers again and it worked like a charm.
  8. Do you guys have any optimization tips for a new hudl 2 owner? like lowering the max cpu value or something else? i mostly care for battery performance.
  9. so the tutorial from EananC works on any update? the supersu.zip is the same for all updates? if i root the device i loose all my data? just want to be extra sure, because i do not want to brick the device on day 1 :D and thank you for your help
  10. i will get my tesco tablet tomorrow and i would like to now what the procedure of rooting is. so if i understand when i get the tablet: - i update it to the latest firmware - and than use the tutorial that EananC (reposted few posts back), to flash CWM and supersu my questions: - after rooting can i update the tablet if i there wil be another update? - will i loose root if i update?
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