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    Sim Carrier unlock?

    Is it possible to do something via linux, I'm open to all options. Although I would not like to brick the device. Can I dump the partitions somehow via dd or any other tool?
  2. Vita94

    Sim Carrier unlock?

    I didn't try that gude, I saw it but, two bricked phones, it does not look promising. What windows flasher do you recommend, I'm not sure about which software you are thinking, a link would help. Can I make a backup of that partition? Can you give me more info? Thanks in advance!
  3. Vita94

    Sim Carrier unlock?

    Hi, Is it possible to unlock Blade 3, so I can use other SIM cards, via QXDM or any other free method? I don't have Sigmakey, and I dont want to pay for the unlock. Can you explain, where is the carrier info for the lock saved, is it in NVRam or somewhere else? I made a backup via QPST so I can preserve the IMEI. Thans in advance!

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