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  1. 2017.10.20? Do anyone has changelog of this new version?
  2. Anyone has already tried? Is it faster, than LineageOS? Does volume button wake-up works?
  3. Looks like someone has already compressed these .png files. Because 260kb is nothing.
  4. No, i just mean that it is possible to optimize graphics not only in the system, but also in default applications. Any .png file can be compressed)
  5. Yes, exactly) Also it is possible to compress .apk files almost the same way (change name to .zip -> unzip sources -> compress .png images -> change the signature of the apk file -> archive it back -> change name to .apk) As a result - compressed .apk have less size in operational and permanent memory
  6. Hi, Adeii! Have you tried to compress .png images in ROMs and default apps to minimize ROM size and optimize memory consumtion? https://pnggauntlet.com/ I think it helps our devices to work more quick and smooth
  7. I've tryetd ril.zip patches from mega, they do not help. Also, my problem is that other caller doesn't hear ME( My y300 is single-sim and european. But I did not try u8951's build, may be it will help, thanks)
  8. I have installed the latest version of lineage for y300 (05.06.17). Everything is nice but RIL doesn't work EVEN after ril-patch. How can I fix it?
  9. Sorry, I mean file uploading photos to facebook, viber, vk, etc.
  10. Wery nice! How about file uploading from phone (facebook,instsgram, etc.)? Will it be fixed on any MM ROM?
  11. Is it possible to upload files from phone? And what about waking up by volume buttons?
  12. Sorry, I was mistaken, frequency was 1045 mhz, however, it is also better than nothing) Adeii, can you try to fix file uploading? It doesnt't work on any ROM with Android 5 or higher(
  13. Hi, Adeii! I want to inform you, that y300 can be a bit overclocked to 1095 MHz. Thus you can make overclocked kernels for y300, just set cpu at 1095))
  14. Hi, Adeii! Do you plan to create fixed Slim6 with working camera?
  15. Intall "kernel adiutor" (root essential) and set minimal CPU fraquency to 480 mhz

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