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  1. Hello everyone, I have no prior experience with all this but I try to be (well) informed before I will attempt to do my upgrade from GB to latest CM11 / KK4.4.4. I have a Huawei Ascend G300 (U8815) running stock 2.3.6, baseband 109808, build B894. I understand the three main steps are: rooting -> install CWM -> install custom rom. As far as I understand, my baseband 109808 comes with unlocked bootloader (only 2030 requires unlocking). But reading this confused me: update baseband to 2030. Is that deprecated info? Should I use ICS/B952 update? Here I don't see any mention about the baseband. Is it really needed to update my baseband to 2030? if yes, how do I do it? (the B952 link on that page is dead). And, not so important, why? (recent ROMs / CM11 handle both basebands, right?) I want to understand what is the most clean/easy/up-to-date way to do this upgrade and not miss any steps required. Thanks a lot for your help, Chris ps: are there any other issues I should be worried about? Hynix problem? anything else?
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