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  1. I have bought CityTime Alarms and it works fine. I only use now Fizz Traveller for the weather updates, and the phone doesn't freeze any more. Still, I have problems with Fizz Traveller as sometimes it fails to update the weather. I've let the guys at Fizz know about it and I hope they'll solve the problem soon.
  2. Look here for the file and here for instructions.
  3. Were you using Fizz Traveller 2.2 for the alarm? If so, did you leave the keypad locked in the evening? This happens to me if I leave the keypad locked: when Fizz Traveller alarm runs in the morning, the phone locks (not even the backlight on when pressing the keys) and it doesn't ring. If it is the same situation, it may be (as I suspect) a bug in Fizz Traveller, and we should let Nicky know about it.
  4. Strange, I had also a 256MB card I have used in my C500 and now I use it in my new C600. It works and I have applications installed on it, with the only exception that I cannot format it on the C600 using SP Task Manager (this was working on the C500).
  5. That screenshot doesn't look like my theme. Maybe you didn't restart after installing the theme...
  6. You can use the Fizz Traveller plug-in. Check the link in the first post. As far as I know, the guys at Smartphinger stopped supporting the plugin long time ago, therefore I cannot advise you on how to obtain it.
  7. The developers' site seems to have problems. Try to e-mail them and ask for the unlock application for your IMEI. You can find the details on their web page (after you get the "IMEI not found" message.
  8. Select "Apple SmartMonitor" from Settings -> Home Screen.
  9. I've used it on both Fizz Traveller and Smart Monitor plug-ins, and the battery life was fine. Maybe you have installed something else at the same time?
  10. No idea about the thermometer thing - the code looks fine to me. About the gray shade - I've asked Nicky at Fizz Software about this and they will work on it, but at the moment the plugin is not able to set the background to something else.
  11. Hmmm... how's that? You recommend something and you don't even know if it works?
  12. You can do it, but I suggest to put the SmartMonitor on top, as the Fizz Traveller weather plug-in does not allow to remove the line. You've noticed probably that I've "designed" the screen in such a way to mask that line by superimposing it on the "window border". If you want to maintain this, you'll have to put the SmartMonitor code in place of the calendar code, then change the height of the SM plug-in to match that of the calendar (from 37 to 46). You can play after this with the "y" values to bring them to a position that you like (probably you'd have to add 9 to each "y" value of each of the elements in the SM plug-in. Another thing is to change the background picture to the one attached to this post. I hope I was clear enough... please ask if I can help any further.
  13. @Sheepeh: Just to let you know that mine arrived. I hope yours too :D
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