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  1. Thanks Chucky.egg I've move dthe shortcut, so how do I remap the side button ?
  2. Don't use it, Don't want it, and most places won't allow it anyway (including my work!), so is there a way to diable it ? Or is the only way to : remap the external button - and if so how? hide the launcher in the start menu. Any suggestions / comments please. Thanks
  3. "Brasso" aka DuraGlit, Jewelers paste and T-Cut all work on essentially the same principle. I restore antique watches and the lens is sometimes difficult / impossible to replace on pre 1950's watches (usually plastic of some sort on the really good ones) so as previous post, enjoy a mind numbing evening with a tin of duraglit ! Toothpaste and T-cut would work on a hard surface but the SPV has quite a soft plastic so I would (and have used myself) duraglit / jewelers paste (compund 3 or above only) will give a safer and clearer finish. Newspaper ? Dunno the wife swears blind this is the best smear free way to clean glass, but never tried it on a watch / mobile screen ! If it works it will probably take a long time. Also as before, use a tiny amount, but no need to rub gently, as long as you do a circular motion and spread out beyond affected area. As you are erasing part of the surface this will only work a number of times and depends how deep the scratchis. That said I have a 1960's Omega that I wear every day and have to duraglit the lens about once a month - been doing this for 5 + years and no obvious signs of problem ! Good luck
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to design a new Home Screen (well actually hack around with one I've found elsewhere!) I'm struggling with getting the colours right and find it a real pain to have to keep copying the test page over to my phone then loading it. Is their any way I can preview on my PC. I guess this would be some sort of SPV Emulator on the PC ???? Sorry if this is a dumb question!
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