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  1. There are a lot of phones in that range and not all phones are same so its tough to recommend Xiaomi got new policy, and that is unlocking bootloader now takes 720 hours so vendors dont replace it with fake rom and fake UBL and then sell it Some phones have anti rollback protection Which means you cant downgrade to certain level unless you make small modification, but there are few topics for every phone which removes ARB trigger script I own redmi note 5 ai, device is awesome And yes my phone did came with anti 4 But it doesnt stop me from flashing roms onto it, its quite easy, just need extra few steps
  2. Global version officialy is not out yet, only china version :D
  3. In case i got latest version plus performanceX2, and i just do flash without wipe, do i need performanceX2 again You are a legend!! :D ty
  4. Well, not possible, only xiaomi phone with same chipset as ours is redmi note 3g
  5. Official miui for f1 is on miui 8 and its full of bloatwere, also its 4.4 There wont be any newer android in it, since there isnt source for our kernel to get modification There are some port of MM and LP http://www.mtk-dev.com But again, no need since there are issues, i find 4.4 rly good And miui has extremly good UI ^^
  6. Yes but not for redmi note 3g
  7. 2nd sim card should be in sim.card settings
  8. Mobile network, sim card network
  9. Yep, he responded to me We just need to wait for next week, where they will.probablly fix leak and battery managment
  10. Button replacer app But i suggest waiting next week for new version, probablyy will be fixed I have same problem
  11. Thanks, ill flash once phone is charged ^^ and give thoughts
  12. Well, dont get me wrong, but this is personal thing, and anyone who want to use it can install it on his own I dont like nova for example :D But nice job on comparing 4.2.2 and 6.0.1,
  13. 4.4 unsmooth? Well have you tried holding home button and removeing stuff from ceche? Cause that is only problem with this phone, too many stuff in background, makes it no good for big multitasking
  14. Thank you very much, i've been waiting for this Could you tell me which miui version is this? En.miui or xiaomi.eu?

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