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  1. I called today. The best deal they could offer was £30 a month, 18 months plus £70 for the handset. Thats 600 mins 500 texts + unlimited internet. I said "no thanks". Is that a good or bad deal in your opinions?
  2. called again, but was told this time - end of October!
  3. I spoke to the guy @ Tmobile yesterday (13th). He could be feeding me total BS. But I'm going to call back tomorrow and ask again.
  4. Don't do it!!!!!! I was sucked in by their low prices. However they lied about sending me a HTC car kit. It took 3 months for them to send me one and their after sales is beyond appalling. I suppose if you get lucky and nothing goes wrong, you may be ok. However if anything goes wrong, they are a disgrace to deal with. To describe them as rude, ignorant, coniving and unreliable would be complimentary.
  5. do you know when the Droid X will be released in the UK?
  6. Yeah precisely. I appreciate what i get in July/August will be overtaken by the turn of next year. I'm just looking for the best (Android) option within the near future. I'll probably buy the handset sime free to avoid any lengthy contracts.
  7. From doing my research, it looks like the Galaxy S and Droid X wont be in the Uk for at least another couple of months and will probably be quickly surpassed with more Android devices. While this will always be the case, I'm not sure they are head and shoulders better than anything else available. More kind of the same with a few tweaks. the Dell Streak seems to be quite an interesting option too.
  8. wertyu

    What next?

    i'm in the same boat, only my upgrade is due next month.
  9. Good call. I mentioned HTC out of habit really. But I'm more concerned with getting the best Android device (rather than HTC). I don't know too much about the Samsung Galaxy model you mentioned -but I'll do some research now. I am disappointed with HTC that they are giving the IP4 a clear run on the UK market when they already have it beaten with the Evo. But hopefully another manufacturer can step in and prevent me deserting to Jobs' fanboy army.
  10. So my upgrade due in July (currently use Hero). I like the Evo but it isnt available in the UK. So my question is what HTC options do I have to match the IPhone 4? Thanks.
  11. As if by magic. It works now. Nothing more was done or tried. It just miraculously started detecting pc/laptops again.
  12. Tried it with the supplied USB and a standard USB lead -with no luck. Tried 'wiggling' the USB connection too. When I plug the phone into my laptop or PC. They both display the "USB device not recognised" notification in the bottom right of the screen. However my phone doesnt have the "mount usb" message/notification anymore.
  13. precisely. Have no ideas why my phone would just stop working like this.
  14. It's a total nightmare. I just don't get that "mount usb" message/notification anymore. Having already wiped the phone once with no effect. I don't know what to do. I agree that it must be an android HTC driver issue on the phone.
  15. I was. But I uninstalled it and since did I hard reset
  16. About 2 weeks ago my Hero stopped detecting when it was connected via USB to my XP laptop. It still charges but the "connected via USB" notification that used to appear on the phone no longer appears. It hasnt been flashed and is less than 6 months old. This is a total pain because i cant use HTC Sync, and have to remove my SD card and use a SD card reader to put files onto it. I've tried hard and soft resets. I've updated my PC drivers, and used different Pcs and laptops but still see the problem. I upgraded,downgraded HTC Sync but the issue is with the phone. It simple can't detect it's plugged into a PC. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
  17. Well it finally arrived after another 2 phone calls. So overall it took 2 months, 12-15 phone calls, 3 emails, 3 Live Assitance requests, 1 webshop request and 1 written letter of complaint. It's a shame that I had to turn nasty to get what was promised in a couple of days. No doubt the staff at MPD think I'm a @r$e too, but this ended up turning into a futile point of principle. As it happens I uncovered why I didnt get it sooner. As I was an upgrade customer and not a new one (new to T-Mobile). They prioritize their very limited free stock to 'new' customers. Which I understand, but why lie to me over and over? Certainly means I wont recommend MPD to enyone else again...
  18. Yeah ive rang them dozens of times. Most of the time they dont pickup. But generally i just get informed "new stock due in 2 weeks". I've been waiting 2 months but feel powerless to actually do anything other than wait!
  19. If so, did you recieve your free HTC car kit? I've been waiting for 2 months. They tell me they are getting new stock but it never arrives. Anyone else had the same problem?
  20. That doesnt really help :D Are there no processor intensive extras that can possibly be removed?
  21. Morning, I'm really torn between the Hero or waiting for a Galaxy. As my contract is up and i'm due for a renewal. They main drawback for me with the Hero is the slow performance I hear about when using certain apps (like Calendar which isnt the smoothest). Does anyone have any feedback on if it's possible to speed up the Hero by adding or removing any software? If there's something I can do to get it running a little quicker then i would be tempted to get a Hero now. Thanks,
  22. Cheers thanks, thats very useful. I think the question for me is if the Galaxy is worth the extra £s. But i wont know for sure till its released. I'm defo getting a 12 month only contract so i can upgrade ASAP. As theres gonna be quite a few Androids out in the near future.
  23. Thanks for the info. Given this, then it appears the Hero is cheaper. I see you prefer the Galaxy -is that because of the Screen and Camera? As the Hero appears have a better UI and is just quick - performance wise.
  24. Yes in the UK. I see from your username you have posted on several other forums regarding Hero vs Galaxy. How much do you think it will be on O2?
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