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  1. Jinx13

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Nope I tried that and bricked my kids tablet I prepared a rom flashed it but then wouldn't boot to system due to new lollipop security that I never disabled. Maybe if someone did disable the new security then I guess that it still wouldn't boot the modified kernel
  2. Jinx13

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    Yes for the nexus line and the like which requires modified boot img = Kernel which requires unlocked state bootloader which we don't have what hasn't happened yet is root for locked bootloader
  3. Jinx13

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    I would have a go but since its my kids and a broke the last one messing I'm not brave enough so I'm out I suppose. I did create my own zip by editing to get me past the errors for the pre-update but then building the new pre-rooted rom I got bootloop. You have to remember that even though Android is based on Linux it's not like Linux. Lollipop hasn't to my knowledge been rooted at this time.
  4. Jinx13

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    From what I seen the update package puts all the files in the correct places then when the phone boots the update is then applied and files changed etc. I've never seen android update like that before.
  5. Ah that's a shame was hoping for another droid tablet I don't even really have a Windows computer anymore
  6. That was my thoughts I wasn't expecting that at all with the current rumours but suppose wait and see. In an ideal world I would have just wanted the display model they had to mess about with since I have a Sony Z4 tablet anyway
  7. I've just been told at a Tesco store that there will be a tablet very similar specs and price to the hudl 2 launching in a few weeks after trying to purchase their display model at a discount. They said they couldn't sell off the one on the stand as they had to send them back and they cannot take the hudl2 stand down untill the new one is ready
  8. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Thanks for the help I sent it back to Tesco and they repaired it. Funny enough it came back with 4.4.2 and no updates do you think they may have disabled the ability to update? So anyway think now I'll just disable apps instead of delete them
  9. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Nope definitely not it's recorded as a disk image as well BTW hope you didn't mind me editing the recovery script
  10. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Nope I just tried to install it by editing all the fastboot commands in the script to include -i 0x1d4d and although fastboot was online in the program the flash commands are not permitted :( I looked at the image and the boot.img is included and I never edited the boot.img in anyway previously Surely if I had kitkat boot then I would have been able to install tethered recovery just now
  11. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Ah thank you I did know that but only thought it was for flashing I did "fastboot -i 0x1d4d devices" and returned a result now I might be able to return to normal Does anyone know what file formats can be flashed with fastboot? Is it only .img Maybe I could try flash a recovery.img
  12. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Another note I think it maybe a driver issue that I cannot connect to fastboot because it does say at the bottom of the bootloader screen "FASTBOOT CMD WAITING" I have though tried every driver under the sun :( And my girlfriends hudl connected fine with ADB
  13. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Do you think? My thinking was because I hadn't previously messed with the boot.img file at all that there was a small update which updated then failed which then stopped me updating to the 300mb+ update. I think at that point the mismatch was because I already had boot updated and not from the old rom. So because I believe I had already an updated boot I disabled the boot.img check and updated fine. Then came the big lollipop update which I updated myself through tethered recovery which includes the lollipop boot so in theory should have all updated fine as there wasn't any errors. I then installed the supersu zip which in turn installs to system however with lollipop dm-verity system fails to boot because the check fails at boot time. I am stuck with this theory about it all as had bootloop trying to pre-root my Sony Xperia Z when lollipop was available dm-verity was the reason for not booting. Also I never seen this menu in the picture at all on Kitkat maybe I am wrong. Do you think there is any way of me to access adb? I think I have chance if I can however I have tried on ubuntu and windows :( On another note I blagged my kids and said that the update failed so I need to get it fixed haha Thanks again
  14. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Nope I should have lollipop recovery, boot, fastboot and system as I flashed the whole rom then while still in recovery flashed the supersu zip. I cannot get to tethered recovery as the hudl is in bootloop Thanks for your replies
  15. Jinx13

    Getting into ADB to recover from bootloop?

    Well I was in update loop and couldn't install the 300+ preliminarily update due to boot.img verification. So I extracted that update from /cache/ and opened it opened the meta to not check. Next was fastboot.img. I did the same with that and then updated without issues. Then I downloaded the new lollipop update and rooted and extracted that from /cache/ I went to tethered recovery and flashed it then while in recovery I flashed the latest supersu.zip The update finished and then bootloop I think I am bootlooping because DM-VERITY https://source.android.com/devices/tech/security/verifiedboot/dm-verity.html Which is the reason that most lollipop roms cannot be rooted. What I should have done with the lollipop rom was tried to switch off the dm-veriry trigger If I could get bback into recovery I would just reflash the Lollipop rom and leave it at that

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