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  1. Imo you are wrong. S4 and s5 are alot more smooth than su6. Su6 has alot of problems, zero smoothness etc. Both with stock rom.
  2. Not really. A friend of mine has an s4 and an s5 and they are 283737383 times better than su6. There's something called DECENT and STABLES ROMs with alot of tweaks :)
  3. Well not really. I compared my su6 to new phones that are coming out this year and i saw that i cant have a budget phone. Low specs, no upgrades, crap warranty, no smoothness, no tweaks from phone brand.. But this is my opinion [emoji14]
  4. I got an s7 few weeks ago and i have no doubts that i wont change phone for a few years.
  5. For me Vodafone phones are a waste of money. You need to change phone every year.. Just buy a decent phone.
  6. keep the good work dude! Sold this phone and bought an Samsung s7.. good luck with bugs, cya guys :)
  7. The camera app is working but has some crashs on some options and i cant call people, but i can receive calls. Edit: fixed it with Dalvik cache clear
  8. I hope Vodafone doesn't go crazy on Pro 7 price... Tempted to buy it.. Awesome design and specs..
  9. Low specs compared to the other phones.. Like Ana said, wont be a top phone. There's a release date on pro 7? And price? Interesting phone.
  10. Yeah.. My mistake on choosing the version.. You need to use sdk22
  11. I uninstalled it. I've installed a few apps and i got alot crashs.. :/ I used sdk23 arm version
  12. Led works now, thank you alot! How you disable that light? xD
  13. Yeah, battery is draining a bit faster now.. At the beginning wasn't too fast :v (i didn't flashed that .zip already)
  14. Also i dont like a thing on WiFi icon and mobile data icon.. Sometimes two dark arrows appears.. Its a minor thing, but i prefer without it, if there's a way to remove it tell me please [emoji14] Btw.. This phone scores 36-37k on antutu with this ROM, really smooth. And this camera app its slow, i dont know if its only on my phone but its like it has 'low FPS' when moving the phone with the APP open.. I prefer the original APP too. I know its not your fault giantillo, just saying if anyone can upload the apk from the original camera app, would be awesome :)
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