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  1. Pretty much got a new phone. I got the logic board replaced as it stopped reading sim cards, hasn't happened since
  2. thanks for sharing, this worked perfectly. module is called custom text, once activated search for systemui and replace type in the name of your current provider the same way as its spelt in the status bar and then type below whatever you want or leave blank.
  3. ha I set myself up for that one!Just thought with one it two people here capable of porting ROMs they may know what to edit to change it.
  4. Hi people, has anyone figured out a way to change the carrier name or remove it completely. None of the xposed modules seem to do it on this device.
  5. He has given up on this project. He posted over on XDA about it last week.
  6. its also has messenger which is the new google standard. Uninstall message+
  7. Oh and to answer your other question, you will still receive updates using a different sim as long as you don't /mess with the system settings too much.
  8. Touch buttons do flicker for everyone when pulling down notification bar. How did you buy a code before buying the phone? You would have needed the imei number. Not sure why the talk mobile sim would work as all phones should be locked to vf.
  9. Just checked and its the same here. I've actually switched off the blue lights on mine completely though as I prefer it that way.
  10. No UK or Irish bought phones will come with a 99 imei AFAIK.
  11. Has anyone managed to successfully change the DPI on the su6 without using xposed. I have root but none of the apps in the playstore seem to work. I apply the settings and reboot but nothing has changed.
  12. At the moment, they could make them all like the file manager. Undisableable. If that's a word!
  13. Only if they break root. If not then we shouldn't have a problem.
  14. Vodafone Ireland have announced that 5.1 is in testing and will be out in the next two weeks. Horray! http://www.boards.ie/ttfthread/2057467977
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