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  1. well I can look forward to him patronising me then. I've had it for over 20 years in IT :)
  2. How patronising can you get. How adorable indeed. How about if I told you a woman made CM12 boot on the SU6, would you be so patronising then?
  3. It's not ready for a proper thread yet, it's still a very early test built that only has call+wifi working. once it get to a usable state then I'll do just that :)
  4. I posted here about the test rom yesterday :)
  5. I've been messing around building for the oneplus two and I had a bit of a eureka moment and managed to get a much better build for the SU6. So here is a link to my first test build if anyone wants to just see cm12 on their SU6. phone and wifi work... I know there are bugs so please don't post this doesn't work etc, cos I know. :) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE edit:I'll post up sources later today once I have got them tidied up a bit and I'm sure the build works for others. But for the record some of the work is from the Huawei G620 device tree, moto xplay and my own stuff, all hacked together somehow - so needs lots of tidying up to make a fully working SU6 rom. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL TWRP BACKUP OF STOCK ROM SO YOU CAN RESTORE
  6. I haven't really had a look this weekend other than compile a list of issues. There are so many because I'm starting from over and there is only me and a little time to work. wifi looks straigtforward to fix, I'll try and do that asap and then upload a build for you to try. If anyone wants to help, let me know and I'll send you my device tree but only if you know what you are doing - as I clearly don't :)
  7. Just thought I'd post an update, I've got CM to boot. now I just need to get the sensors working and I think it will be good to go :)
  8. You do have a low tolerance for anyone other than yourself, scared in case I get there first or something? If I do, you can have the phone that Paul donates, i don't need it, I have one. Do you think if I take the ramdisk from a nexus 4 it will work? maybe it's boot.img will work too. you really do think other people are thick and when they publish work in progress like to tear it to shreds. Not once have you actually asked me exactly what I have done, so I can qualify if I capable of bringing up cm12, instead you just want to belittle me. Well you can ask, but modaco just lost me.... yeah you're not bothered. see neither am I :)
  9. wow you really do have a chip on your shoulder about me trying this don't you. Yes, I did use the Yu Yureka sources as a starting point initially seeing as how similar they are the SU6 on the slight hope that maybe they would be a good starting point. As it turned out, as I am sure you will have noticed, this wasn't going to be much use after all, so I deleted the repositories. Then I started to look at other devices that have the same chipset etc. I'd also suggest, a large proportation of device/vendor tree's on github are forks of other people's work renamed to work on new devices.
  10. Thanks for telling me it's not a nexus, now I know where I was going wrong. <sigh> Again you are reading too much.... you brought up the aosp kernel, I simply said that anyone can take the default msm defconfig and make a kernel boot on this device, which you will find even before you posted your sources I had post a cyanogen recovery image for this device for people try - wasn't that hard. didn't use your sources because they weren't out then. and no I don't want a prize. and well done for well using wiki for trying to sound clever. edit : oh and just for the avoidance of doubt, no I am not using a default msm defconfig to get cm12 to build and boot.
  11. Jesus keep your hair on. Using the zte kernel source and a default msm8916 defconfig (ie basic) then the resulting compiled kernel will boot on the device. Something anyone can do, so I am not claiming to have booted something else at all. You know, you are not the only person who has the necessary ability to work on roms, so perhaps you can keep quiet in future unless you have something useful to say. edit: Just re-read what I posted about aosp kernel and I replying to someone asking about roms other than CM and I said that because an aosp (ie, stock android, no cm, no omni just google) kernel compiles then maybe someone who wanted to try compiling aosp 5.1.1 themselves would have better luck because at least the kernel 100% works. maybe you read too much into things that aren't there.
  12. Got a little further today but nothing exciting though. CM now begins to boot but reboots back to recovery after about 5 seconds, whereas before I couldn't even get a cm compiled kernel to boot. Compiling a basic msm8916 kernel boots ok on the device, but anything to do with CM seems to stop the device dead in its tracks. Why msm8916 when the phone is msm8939 I dunno, but the phone seems to be tied to 32bit by zte.
  13. I think if you like to tinker with your phone then yeah it's worth it. If you just use your phone as it's intended, then I guess no because the SU6 has almost the same specs and is cheaper..... me personally I am due an upgrade on vodafone from 25th september so unless I manage to bringup cm12 by then I will most likely ditch this phone.
  14. I think (this is just a guess) that is something to do with the aboot partition checking for a signed kernel to boot on the boot partition. the file emmc_appsboot.mbn seems to have checks for this.
  15. I think my problems are down to kernel issues which although I've got experience of compiling linux kernels, Ive got none in creating android ones so will have to leave that for those who do. As it stands, I have a cm12.1 built but it won't boot at all. sticks at android logo for ages, logcat isn't working, so it's kind of hard to debug. so maybe once more people get on board they will have some luck.
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