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  1. You posted a link to your personal browser session which obviously expired, as they do. Here's the proper link: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/pay-as-you-go/vodafone-smart-ultra-7-payg/sku90568
  2. I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to port the Smart Ultra 7's code to the Smart Ultra 6. Why? Because the Smart Ultra 7 is made by Alcatel, and not ZTE as with the Smart Ultra 6... look at the manual: http://www.vodafone.com/content/dam/group/devices/downloads/smartultra7/VFD-700-UM-Eng-EN_18.pdf Here's the official Smart Ultra 7 product page, on Vodafone's site: http://www.vodafone.com/content/index/what/devices/smartultra7.html Here's the source code for the Smart Ultra 7, if you need it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/alcatel/files/OT_VFD700_20160530.tar.xz/download
  3. One of the many problems with Samsung phones is the materials they use - PRETENDING to use metal is not the same as using ACTUAL METAL. The chrome plating peeling and flaking off the phones plastic parts feigning a "metal" pretense, looks horrendous, and speaks volumes about how little they care of the longevity of their devices.
  4. iPhone SE for £60 more, thank you very much indeed :)
  5. That question should never need to be asked; SanDisk - keep buying SanDisk and have a trouble free flash storage experience.
  6. I don't see the correlation between signal degradation, which is caused by the quality of reception of an analogue RF signal, and APNs which are for internet access. He says his calls break up, which has as much to do with APNs as petrol quality has to do with the grip of your car tyres. @BlueMoonRising - I hope I didn't sound snotty or supercilious with that comment - that was not how I meant it, it's just that the two issues are unconnected and I wanted to make that point. I know you and I have had our "arch enemy" moments at time, and I am sorry if I've reacted badly to you in the past - please forgive me if I've been a moody or snotty old git, I really do know better than to be like that, and I can't bear hard feelings between people :)
  7. You say the signal is up and down, but maybe it's just the representation of the signal which is up and down? Are you referring to problems you are experiencing with your signal, or are you merely going by the signal icon? If the latter, there's no universal standard for the manner in which signal level is represented, graphically. Sorry if I sound unhelpful :)
  8. It would make very little business sense to ramp the price of the budget range/priced SU7 up from the price of the SU6, from ~£115-130 (Argos to Voda store price range for SU6) to a silly price, north of £200 - that defeats the entire exercise of "flagship" specs at a budget price. Not gonna happen, especially when you look at the SU7 specs and see how little variation there is between it and the SU6; Vodafone are not idiots, they want a clear and seamless upgrade path for SU6 owners. As you said, currency conversion is not as cut and dried as typing a foreign RRP sum into Google and converting to GBP - it doesn't work like that, It'll be ~£130-140 ish maximum, I'd think. As for the "Pro" model, no thank you - I have never desired AMOLED (euccch!) nor silly res screens, compounded by the fact that the 3,000mAh battery seen in the video specs is the same as the SU6, and it's got to drive MORE pixels ... yeah, no thanks, and I don't much fancy screen burn or any of the other detractors of AMOLED which no one ever cares to mention when raving on about how "amaaaazeballs" it is - it really ain't - people just go all gooey and excited about it because of black levels and "power saving" - spare me all that hogwash - IPS has been and will be tried and tested for a VERY long time to come. SU7 for me :) (unless Marshmallow comes out for the SU6 FIRST)
  9. It looks like the release of this phone is getting closer - UK stockists are already selling TPU cases for it: http://www.italkonline.co.uk/vodafone-smart-ultra-green-line-wave-hybrid-skin-case-protective-jelly-cover-p-221537.html Look... https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=tr&u=http://shiftdelete.net/vodafone-smart-ultra-7-ozellikleri-ve-fiyati-71817&prev=search More... http://cihaz.tv/vodafone-smart-7-teknik-ozellikler-fiyat-cikis-tarihi/ Smart Pro 7: More Smart Pro 7: Smart Ultra 7: Vodafone Turkey's Smart Ultra 7 product page :) : http://www.vodafone.com.tr/smart7/smart-ultra-7.html
  10. He meant development interest is dead, not the literal physical device.
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