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  1. You posted a link to your personal browser session which obviously expired, as they do. Here's the proper link: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/pay-as-you-go/vodafone-smart-ultra-7-payg/sku90568
  2. I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to port the Smart Ultra 7's code to the Smart Ultra 6. Why? Because the Smart Ultra 7 is made by Alcatel, and not ZTE as with the Smart Ultra 6... look at the manual: http://www.vodafone.com/content/dam/group/devices/downloads/smartultra7/VFD-700-UM-Eng-EN_18.pdf Here's the official Smart Ultra 7 product page, on Vodafone's site: http://www.vodafone.com/content/index/what/devices/smartultra7.html Here's the source code for the Smart Ultra 7, if you need it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/alcatel/files/OT_VFD700_20160530.tar.xz/download
  3. One of the many problems with Samsung phones is the materials they use - PRETENDING to use metal is not the same as using ACTUAL METAL. The chrome plating peeling and flaking off the phones plastic parts feigning a "metal" pretense, looks horrendous, and speaks volumes about how little they care of the longevity of their devices.
  4. iPhone SE for £60 more, thank you very much indeed :)
  5. That question should never need to be asked; SanDisk - keep buying SanDisk and have a trouble free flash storage experience.
  6. I don't see the correlation between signal degradation, which is caused by the quality of reception of an analogue RF signal, and APNs which are for internet access. He says his calls break up, which has as much to do with APNs as petrol quality has to do with the grip of your car tyres. @BlueMoonRising - I hope I didn't sound snotty or supercilious with that comment - that was not how I meant it, it's just that the two issues are unconnected and I wanted to make that point. I know you and I have had our "arch enemy" moments at time, and I am sorry if I've reacted badly to you in the past - please forgive me if I've been a moody or snotty old git, I really do know better than to be like that, and I can't bear hard feelings between people :)
  7. You say the signal is up and down, but maybe it's just the representation of the signal which is up and down? Are you referring to problems you are experiencing with your signal, or are you merely going by the signal icon? If the latter, there's no universal standard for the manner in which signal level is represented, graphically. Sorry if I sound unhelpful :)
  8. It would make very little business sense to ramp the price of the budget range/priced SU7 up from the price of the SU6, from ~£115-130 (Argos to Voda store price range for SU6) to a silly price, north of £200 - that defeats the entire exercise of "flagship" specs at a budget price. Not gonna happen, especially when you look at the SU7 specs and see how little variation there is between it and the SU6; Vodafone are not idiots, they want a clear and seamless upgrade path for SU6 owners. As you said, currency conversion is not as cut and dried as typing a foreign RRP sum into Google and converting to GBP - it doesn't work like that, It'll be ~£130-140 ish maximum, I'd think. As for the "Pro" model, no thank you - I have never desired AMOLED (euccch!) nor silly res screens, compounded by the fact that the 3,000mAh battery seen in the video specs is the same as the SU6, and it's got to drive MORE pixels ... yeah, no thanks, and I don't much fancy screen burn or any of the other detractors of AMOLED which no one ever cares to mention when raving on about how "amaaaazeballs" it is - it really ain't - people just go all gooey and excited about it because of black levels and "power saving" - spare me all that hogwash - IPS has been and will be tried and tested for a VERY long time to come. SU7 for me :) (unless Marshmallow comes out for the SU6 FIRST)
  9. It looks like the release of this phone is getting closer - UK stockists are already selling TPU cases for it: http://www.italkonline.co.uk/vodafone-smart-ultra-green-line-wave-hybrid-skin-case-protective-jelly-cover-p-221537.html Look... https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=tr&u=http://shiftdelete.net/vodafone-smart-ultra-7-ozellikleri-ve-fiyati-71817&prev=search More... http://cihaz.tv/vodafone-smart-7-teknik-ozellikler-fiyat-cikis-tarihi/ Smart Pro 7: More Smart Pro 7: Smart Ultra 7: Vodafone Turkey's Smart Ultra 7 product page :) : http://www.vodafone.com.tr/smart7/smart-ultra-7.html
  10. He meant development interest is dead, not the literal physical device.
  11. Shows up on all of the 3 SU6's I've had, too. ;) #outvoted :p
  12. #1 It's a bit silly that whoever submitted the product info to their site, couldn't get the name right - it says "Smart 6 Ultra" - is it THAT difficult to get right or FIX? #2 Strange that you can no longer order online to collect in store - it seems you have to physically go INTO the store and order one. Glad I got mine before all this nonsense started.
  13. I see all these "experts" on Vodafone's forums (everyone online thinks they're an "expert", LOL) manage to have draw a bizarre correlation between capacitive touch sensors and NAND flash storage. One or two people online make mention of brimming full storage causing SOME issues with devices, and suddenly that is the "golden bullet" answer to parrot to people having ANY problem. Wow, I am glad these people aren't engineers, they would FAIL their exams.
  14. Price just dropped to £99.99 (of course, you need to add a tenner as they force a topup): http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/4449131.htm
  15. Yes. Sit down with them and calmly state that you won't be moving until they've given you a satisfactory resolution, as it sounds like you're at an impasse with them, right now. You have inalienable rights which they CANNOT take from you, no matter how they spin their clever spiel. I have a VERY business-minded, polite but assertive neighbour who was here the other evening with us. She was laughing and musing over all the business dealings she's had, and how companies attempt to brush us off like idiots. She was noting how effective it is to raise one's voice in a polite but VERY AUDIBLE manner, in a shop full of (potential) customers - you may like to try that, if all else fails. Get your facts absolutely in line, stick to your (truthful, as I wouldn't doubt!) hard line and keep re-iterating it, getting louder each time (clearly I am not advocating you should be shouting, hehe!). All the best for your encounters, may they swap or refund you swiftly... PS: For the thread - I now have purchased THREE Smart Ultra 6 handsets over this year, and for two of those I decided to go to Argos, who have a MUCH simpler and more amicable returns policy (IE: no question at all, refund or replace - they took one of mine back 2 weeks ago, NO FUSS!) - additionally, their price is LESS than the actual Vodafone shop, oddly: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/4449131.htm £99.99 (plus their mandatory top-up requirement of £10) as I type this!
  16. The consumer rights act, which came into force in October 2015 (and replaced the sale of goods act) says YOU DO have the right to a replacement or refund. This is an open and shut case, I have dealt with corporations for many years, returning faulty items, having discussions over semantics of irrelevancies they attempt to bombard you with when you KNOW they are doing the wrong thing. Persist, persist, persist, YOU MUST NOT BACK DOWN - be calm, slow paced and thoroughly consistent, open and honest, and you WILL get satisfaction. Stay cool and calm, polite and smiling at all times, you WILL get this sorted, there is absolutely no doubt about that fact whatsoever. You have rights - they are trying to wriggle out of your return/refund, or maybe it's just an untrained member of staff or a lack of their understanding of proper procedure. Do not lose heart, this WILL be sorted my friend :)
  17. Considering they've posted the issue in the "Vodafone Smart Ultra 6" sub-forum, I would have thought that was self-evident.
  18. I am hopeful you will get this issue resolved. Keep calm and remain courteous and gracious, and they'll have no reason to not help you out. Persistence is key! :) Take care.
  19. Screw that noise, that's why we "fools" buy "overpriced" iPhones - no palming off and nonsense, flawless and polite, respectful AppleCare customer services agents who ACTUALLY CARE and solve your problem, not to mention that the hardware is actually designed and built PROPERLY, solid and made to last. Nope, someone's gonna waltz along soon and tell me I am "wrong". Never mind :)
  20. Funny, this comical little guy seems to feel compelled to jump into any thread where I've commented, and provide a dialogue pertaining to me. If I didn't like someone's attitude that much, I surely wouldn't be looking for opportunities to reference them or acknowledge that I was aware of them, or their comments. I sense a chip on his shoulder, possibly a giant sack of potatoes. If you do not like someone's behaviour online, it seems a little obsessive-compulsive to make it your missing to go around "spreading the news" - I thought you didn't like them? Wow.
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