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  1. Just for future, are you stock and rooted, just stock or rooted and custom ROM? Only ask because I was on custom ROM and when phone died it also took a while for it to restart. Cheers
  2. Been using your ROM for a few days now, starting yesterday I keep getting random restarts and the phone sometimes turns off and takes a while to power back on! Anyone else has this issue? Cheers.
  3. Not sure if its just me, volume seems very quiet, ringing and YouTube etc.. WiFi signal seems a little weak? (Could be my router) Can someone point me in the direction of how to increase volume please? Other than that, I love it!!! Thank you very much!
  4. oooooo, going to give this a blast now! Thank you very much!!
  5. I've not started a cm from fresh, I'm using lonespeakers cm, trying to get everything working. This boots, but not much works.
  6. Hi, I'm also doing it in my spare time. I have so many folders on my PC with ROMs in, I extracted boot.IMG and edited the kernel a little, repacked the wrong one and flashed it within the zip of cm. The boot.IMG was still for the phone, just not the ROM. Nothing major.
  7. Unplug the charger, hold vol up and down and power at the same time, till it vibrates. Then plug the charger in see if the light stays solid blue and doesn't reboot the phone. I flashed the wrong boot.IMG trying to make cm. Had the same problem as you, I went through every key combination till the light stayed solid blue. Then I managed to boot into recovery normally. I'm sure it was vol up and down plus power to get it off.
  8. Did you use flashify to flash the IMG? Does it power off so the light stays solid blue when on charge or does the light come on then go off?
  9. What recover did you flash? Do you get a solid blue notification light if the phone is put on charge? Does it vibrate if you hold the power button down for a while?
  10. Much better, updated to uk 5.1.1 last night, battery is better, gaming is much better! Games I couldn't play before like pes manager that was way too slow, is now perfect.
  11. You have to flash stock ROM, then flash the latest update available (not this one). then update to 5.1.1 otherwise it won't work.
  12. Big thanks for the uk! Fed up of checking for updates! God knows how they have rolled it out, I should of had it by now if its serial number.
  13. Here it is. If they are doing it serial number based, mine is a2 blah surely I should have it?
  14. I've seen a screenshot of the ota somewhere, and it was only around 230mb. Obviously not big enough for a whole ROM, but it did say 5.1.1.
  15. The link posted on XDA is for 5.0.2. But that's where the ROM will be when its ready.
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