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  1. Install this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blogspot.superthomaslab.batterycalibration Charge the phone to 100%, reboot phone. After the reboot open the battery calibration and push the calibrate button and remove the phone from the charger. Than use the phone until it reach the 0% and charge it until the 100% with the phone off. And you're done.
  2. Great news! Thank you for updating the su6 ;-)
  3. I was on cm12.1. I just flashed the stock Recovery and stock rom and send it to vodafone. Took about 2weeks go get it back from repair.
  4. Hardware problem. Had The Same problem with mine, Board was replaced at vodafone. Now its fine.
  5. Im on portuguese mm but I want to flash turkish mm for the dolby.
  6. I known that but i want to use Titanium backup Before flash another rom! I need root to do that ;-)
  7. Kingroot apk and kingroot pc Dont Work At my portuguese mm rom... Cant gain root :-(
  8. You have gained root with kingroot pc version on the original stock Vodafone MM rom??
  9. You need to flash a stock Recovery To flash The stock rom
  10. Download from here https://mega.nz/#!kYYWAQZY!HQCa5pLwSc19tkn4bt-UgqaU_rFg3-sgY0tUwUmYO0U
  11. Download this MM and SuperSU files from this link: https://mega.nz/#!kYYWAQZY!HQCa5pLwSc19tkn4bt-UgqaU_rFg3-sgY0tUwUmYO0U (thanks to Samukaas from portuguese fórum: Zwame) . Use The TWRP (5.1.1) to flash The rom and The supersu file and you'll have the MM rom with root and TWRP Recovery fully working ;-)
  12. Copiei o file errado lol Recovery 5.1.1 pt https://mega.nz/#!qU4W2BxR!8oNOChWv4LFu9-RcjHJUaXuWNzlzi6r0QZpFQLxTZ9k
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