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  1. I think that's Lollipop, maybe someone with that build will be able to confirm - don't try flashing that KitKat image, it'll brick your Hudl2. Afraid I don't have any other ideas unless you can find an image for your build.....
  2. Has it has the latest update to Lollipop or is it still running KitKat? If it's still on the older KitKat you could try following this thread to flash Paul's rooted kitKat image, the 20150106.154003 (r1) image works with KitKat versions from 20150106.154003 to 20150529.110309, but be absolutely certain it's not updated itself to Lollipop - flashing Paul's image will brick the device if it has. Not sure if there was a KitKat update after the 20150529.110309 release, if so it may work or may not.
  3. The system.hudl2.rooted.20150106.154003.ONLY.r1.img, downloaded from this forum, while it's not an exact match, flashed OK onto my KOT49H.rel.android-build.20150529.110309 release-keys build without any problems. Think other threads also say it works OK on the 20150529 build. Probably best to not let it connect to the internet until you've disabled the updating apps / modified build.prop.
  4. Think others will be able to help you more with the update message, the only thing I can think from your screenshot is that either your /system/build.prop still contains ro.build.fingerprint=Hudl/HTF8A4XX/HTF8A4:4.4.2/KOT49H/rel.android-build.20150106.154003:user/release-keys or it's saved the info somewhere else, maybe been put into the update.zip file at some point, IDK. Have you deleted the update file after editing build.prop? One thing worth trying is to boot the Hudl2 with the battery below 50%, the L update script just gives a message instead of trying to install if the battery's low-ish.
  5. Thanks, all good, mine's sorted now Gareth - mine didn't go through the initial setup and forced update as my user data was intact. I think if you clear the cache and reflash Paul's image again, without a factory reset, it may well avoid the forced update, though I'd save a copy of the update file from /cache first. I've backed up and deleted hudl updates 1.2 and hudl update 1.98 without any issues.
  6. Thanks.... yes I was!! Flashed the extracted image and it's up and running again :-) Now to stop the updates..... but have looked through the file in /system/build.prop and can't see anything obvious which sets updates? build.prop-2015-01-06
  7. Just tried flashing Paul's image but no luck. I've downloaded the file twice and "diff" says the copies are the same, but rebooting to bootloader and doing: fastboot -i 0x1d4d flash system system.hudl2.rooted.20150106.154003.ONLY.r1.zip gave "E:data not sparse unable to flash" on screen and "FAILED (remote: flash_cmds error!)" on PC. Wondering if mine has upgraded something and could need a different format sparse file?? I'd restored all the apk's and set wifi up, on reboot it sat with an "Updating" message for a couple of hours, then on rebooted has ADB, no root, no display.
  8. If I could convert my /system image - taken from a rooted 20150529.110309 - to a proper flashable sparse file that could help, but using cp --sparse=always and "img2simg hudl.raw.img hudl.sparse.img" give different output file sizes, and both are different to the examples in Captain Midnight's thread. There were errors thrown up compiling img2simg (same errors reported by others on the thread). So I wouldn't trust the sparse images. If the raw system image is any use to you I'll send it to the server and post a download link
  9. Good to hear :-) If you know and could post your build date or number before the reflash I'd appreciate it - Paul's warning about using the exact build or risking bricking worries me a bit. I need to reflash as mine's still not working even after restoring the deleted apps, and was going to use Paul's image on my KOT49H.rel.android-build.20150529.110309 release-keys build. Edit: It's earlier in the thread and the same as mine.... would still be good to know how you got on!
  10. I've just got mine into Fastboot mode :-) I hadn't tried a "factory reset" as other threads were warning of the boot loop problem, but thought I'd give it a go as nothing to lose. That has allowed the Hudl2 to boot, and I followed the instructions to enable developer mode, then "adb fastboot reboot" has taken it to fastboot. Maybe try wiping your cache, then factory reset, then the keyboard comma etc as you've tried before? Once it's in fastboot mode it can be fixed with a tethered root (though I'm going to charge the battery for a while first)
  11. No luck with the fastboot whatever buttons are pressed or held..... keeping power held down as well as vol buttons continually reboots, think the official Tesco update zip file could solve this, but when I tried to pull it with adb I got a "file not found" error. Probably should have found it's actual location rather than the linked location.... Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Think I'll look at the soldering and bootloader reflashing method, but will need direct access to the flash memory, will go away and Google that! Gareth, apologies for hijacking your thread but hopefully any solution will help us both!
  12. Selecting "Apply update from ADB" I get: DellPC app # adb devices List of devices attached 131214PE5048643 sideload DellPC app # adb reboot bootloader error: closed DellPC app # adb sideload BasicDreams.apk (BasicDreams is the first apk listed in my backup /apps dir) loading: 'BasicDreams.apk' sending: 'BasicDreams.apk' 100% which fails with: Finding update package... Opening update package... Verifying update package... E:end of footer from /tmp/update.zip not 0xFFFF (File exists) E:signature verification failed Installation aborted. Which could be a route forward? Sending the L update zip file (unfortunately I think I've lost mine before I could back it up) might work?
  13. Yes, that's with the start pulsing. The options at recovery mode are: reboot system now wipe data/factory reset - have avoided this as other thread suggested it could cause more problems wipe cache partition - have done this apply update from ADB - this does seem to allow some connection from PC apply update from external storage - have tried two different SD card with the apk and odex files from my system backup, but the directory is listed as empty apply update from cache
  14. DellPC graham # adb reboot bootlader error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device. but no authorisation dialogue is shown....
  15. Sorry! Yes, it's showing Anfroid system recovery <3e> when I boot with Volume (away from power button) held down. It won't boot into fastboot mode, when I hold Volume (closest to power button) down it just boots as normal then hangs. It makes the startup sound, displays animated images, then stops showing "hudl" with the star pulsing
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