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  1. Huawei for the most part are still pretty much an unknown in the UK. I am thinking about buying a P9 Lite I saw on offer, how reliable are Huawei phones? What sort of company is Huawei? Have you had any issues with Huawei phones?
  2. Looking on here new posts are few and far between, there is also no sign or news of 6.0.1, has the SU6 had its day?
  3. Ah they must of caught on to people avoiding the £10 top up so now you can only do it in store.
  4. Another tip, if you order and pay through fasttrack and go in and collect the £10 top up isn't added on :)
  5. I have CX200 ear phones, yes they work fine however they do not have buttons or a mic, the problem is with headphones with buttons and mic.
  6. I don't know what way the socket is wired on these phones but it seems very fussy. I've tried 4 kinds, none work as they should.
  7. Mine lasted 3 weeks before it became my second phone. The size of it was just to much for me, 5" screen is the max for me personally. It also suffered the same issue as my previous Galaxy S5, decent specs, but it was laggy, if you had them specs on iOS or Windows phone the thing would fly. I can only put it down to 5.0.2 and sadly the chances of any updates other than security updates are very slim. Thinking about fleabaying it this week.
  8. I can't see them releasing 5.1 now since this fixes the issues. I've now gone back to Windows Phone as my daily driver. This phone is to laggy for my liking.
  9. The headphone jack on these phones is very odd. Brand new Samsung headphones from an S5, they have a mic, play and pause button and up and down, none of it works on this phone only audio, no buttons or mic. The search continues for in ear headphones with a mic that work
  10. I took my stanley knife to the buttons and cut them out, does OK for now.
  11. I bought this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381341594675? they look similar
  12. I bought one of them cheap eBay cases, the issue is its really hard to press the buttons with it on. The buttons on the sides don't really stick out very far, even without a case they are hard to press but with a case makes it a lot worse, Is it my case or anyone else having this issue?
  13. I had rubbish performance on an S5 with 5.0.2 as well, it also ran like crap on my wifes Moto G. As mentioned in that list I also have apps in the recent apps constantly reopening.
  14. Yes thats right, I turned it off, it sat shutting down for almost 3 mins and then the flash/torch was still on. I turned it on again and it turned off.
  15. Ok I might just be unlucky but its strange how I have issues with every android device. May be I am being to fussy but I am used to Windows Phone and iPhones and have generally never had any issues with these,
  16. For the sluggishness I will blame Android 5.0.2 however with the sluggishness I have had strange happenings. Firstly the flash randomly turning on and will not go off, I turned the phone off which sat trying to turn off for at least 3 mins so major memory issues there, and once off the damn flash was still turned on. I turned the phone on again and luckly the flash went off again. I've had this phone a week now and this has happened twice. In regards to memory issues I have had multiple lock ups where you can simply not do anything, all in all unless something is released to sort the issues I think I will be eBaying the device.
  17. Not sure it is a faulty connector as works fine with an iPod. I'm not entirely sure exactly what headphones to use with this phone as all have issues, The supplied do not fit in my ear, I need the in ear kind. The best I have found is the HTC in ear type but even then the mic button only works in play music, nothing else.
  18. Anyone else have this issue, not sure what the cause is the headphones or FM radio. Firstly the supplied headphones are crap and they don't fit in my ear so I wont even talk about them. Nokia Lumia headphones just don't work, no sound through the headphones, it comes out the back speaker for some reason. Apple earpods, played for a moment, I hit the pause button and froze the entire phone. HTC headphones, these work fine in playmusic but in the FM radio if you hit the button it again crashes the radio app. Anyone any ideas?
  19. Mines been fine, a bit hot but nothing major.
  20. Its been slowly creeping up in price each year, its no longer the budget smartphone king. I just wish this phone was marketed a bit better and it might gain in popularity and get some support. When I bought mine in the Vodafone shop yesterday they didn't even have one on display so I assumed they had none but I asked anyway, had quite a few out the back in both colours.
  21. Yes wifi is on, Its OK outside the house just at home really. At home I have O2 TUGO running which will handle no signal etc via wifi so wont miss calls or anything
  22. I am coming from an old iPhone 5C, I am on O2, at home I always got minimum 3 bars signal, usually almost full. On this phone I see No Service a lot of the time. Anyone else getting this?
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