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  1. Has anybody else felt that the battery drain on this rom is a lot worse than stock?
  2. I think i've finally fixed the issue. Basically I flashed the su6.stock.update.nowipe.zip on twrp 5.1.1 and somehow it got past the lock screen. There were loads of errors like com.process.phone has stopped and com.android.systemui has stopped. Slowly I got to settings to check if I what version I was on, it was on 5.0.2. Then I powered down and went to recovery and restored without any glitches apart the time was wrong
  3. Just did that and the phone force shuts down when trying to enter recovery
  4. Just a speculation but if I wipe internal storage and can't access twrp don't i have a bricked devices
  5. Ok so after I flash the 5.0.2 twrp recovery and I try to go to it the phone force shut downs.
  6. Ok so at the beginning of yesterday I flashed a 5.1.1 rom via twrp just to see how the new update is. It was euricoalex rom from xda http://abelhas.pt/euricoalex/Smart+6+Ultra/euricoalex_deodexed,186114386.zip(archive. When I was ready to go back to my original rom that I just came from I did a nandroid restore via twrp. But the thing is the phone boots until "Android is upgrading Starting apps" then I get a blue screen and it force shuts down and restarts over and over again. I thought this may be down to a corrupt restore so I tried out other 5.0.2 roms on this site do the same thing. I have about 7 backups from my previous 5.0.2 rom and none of them seem to work. When I flash 5.1.1 roms they boot normally and everything works fine. The thing is I want to get my data back. So what should I do?
  7. Im on 5.02 and rooted currently. When I use titanium backup to uninstall the Google apps they still show up in my disabled apps
  8. Does this work smoothly with xposed. And if its not too much trouble could you remove the unnecessary Google apps (the ones you can get from play store). Many thanks
  9. even with that nothing changes
  10. I can't see other networks in the area so I can't connect to them. If I forget my existing network I can't connect to it without manually adding ssid and WPA key
  11. WiFi signals aren't showing up in settings for some reason. I've already restarted the phone but nothing changes
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