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  1. hello! a while ago I sent my G300 off for repair and when I got it back they had upgraded it to ICS (without asking). Now I want to downgrade it as I prefer GB, so I have downloaded the official downgrade from Huawei and started reading the instructions, but it says: This update requires software version U8815V100R001C02B936 or software version U8815V100R001C02B937 to be installed on your phone. Please check your Software version in the system settings Menu/ System settings/ About phone/ Build number . If your phone does not show either of the two software versions, do not attempt to install this update. well mine is showing U8815V100R001C02B961 does this basically mean I can't/shouldn't go ahead, or is it nothing to worry about? It looks like i have a later version – or is it not as simple as a bigger number is later?
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