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  1. Guys i think i have a workaround for the battery life problem. Seems that this is a bug in lollipop which will be getting properly fixed in Andriod M. I have tried the following xpose module which is mentioned in http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/general/xposed-mobile-radio-active-fix-t3137573 seem that after 5 hours only 4% is drained. Will keep you guys updated :) Update: After 24hrs still 68% remaining :)
  2. I got a black screen with latest update while trying to unlock while charging. But other than this particular instance i didn't got any blackscreens while i was running the latest build for 5 days.
  3. Great work @chil360. Any time soon we can expect a fix for hardware video decoding as well ?
  4. So if we forget about the comment of fiops, does other modifications to kernel parameters does give you more battery life and get rid of the black screen issue ? cause for me it drains 20% of the battery during the night time when the phone is not used, the CPU states shows that the most of the time the phone was in deep sleep.
  5. It seems that the black screen is caused when you have adaptive brightness option is enabled. I have tries disabling mpdecision manually and increasing the min freq but no avail still the black screen happens. But i was wondering if it was cause by CPU then how come the navigation buttons lights up ? well if the phone doesn't process any input those light should not light up and down after lock screen navigation light delay. So i though the problem might be the screen backlight and i disabled the adaptive britness option. And now running the latest beta version for one week with no black screen. Hope this helps others as well and for @chili to trouble shoot the problem if possible.
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