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  1. I have got the update as well (UK stock 5.1.1). Really surprised as had assumed that the su6 had been long since forgotten. But security patch only to 01/05/2016 is pretty rubbish... No other obvious changes.
  2. Swapped the cable over from the standard Huawei charger and it now works.
  3. Mine arrived within a week but doesn't appear to 'fast charge's (p9 L09). Anyone else used this with the p9?
  4. I have had the same thing a couple of times, running the Turkish 5.1.1. In my case, i had tried and failed to install the stock Google dialler but had removed this prior to issue occurring. On both occasions a reboot sorted the issue but slightly annoying.
  5. I am interested in this as well as Turkish 5.1.1 is working without issue here. Has anyone noticed any differences?
  6. Yes, 13mp now. One of the updates must have set it to full screen which is interesting as out of the box it was set to 4:3. Also, if you click 'camera defaults' under settings it will set it back to full screen mode as well.
  7. Just realised that this is the 'full screen mode' that I must have enabled. With this on, it maxes to 10mp.
  8. Just noticed that shots taken in auto mode are defaulting to 10mp as against 13mp on manual. However, looking back at some early shots I took a few weeks ago, these were all at 13mp. Can't see any way of changing this in settings, has anyone else got the same behaviour?
  9. I had the same this afternoon, lost data so decided to reboot. Restarted as 09/01/1970. This is on Virgin mobile in UK. It briefly reset to normal but then reverted to 1970. When I got back to my home WiFi it returned to normal. The slightly worrying thing was that Google backup complained of being unable to backup as 16670 days since previous backup!
  10. Got this to work, after about 4 attempts! I think the key for me was Flashify as rebooting to recovery always lost root
  11. But Vm has been displayed as 'Virgin' on every other phone I have used. Again, no big deal but unusual!
  12. Thanks, I must have missed the box before checking out so sent a message afterwards. 12 hours later, all unlocked. Is anyone else on Virgin mobile? It is showing up as EE in the network label but all working OK.
  13. Thanks, I did the same as I couldn't see anywhere to add prior to purchase.
  14. How does this work? Do you purchase it on ebay and then the seller contacts you for IMEI etc?
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