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  1. For the last week people I call tell me I have to speak louder. So I would like to check the status of the microphone. But I am also curious / worried why my phone doesn't process any secret code. *#*#4636#*#* doesn't work. After I enter the last * the entire code gets erased and nothing happens. This happens with all codes I tried except for IMEI. See screen capture. y330.mp4
  2. Yes, but I can't remember the code to access the engineer mode. In fact I am not sure if the engineer mode would allow me to test every hardware device (display, microphone, speaker, earphone, sensors, etc.) My last chance is some service menu. But as I've said, the 'secret' codes are not working.
  3. Hi I have a rooted Huawei Ascend Y330-U01. I tried using the secret codes (engineer mode?) to test the hardware of my phone. Sadly nothing works except *#06# to display IMEI. Any idea what is wrong?
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