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  1. Yep, I'm using this kernel right now and I like it do far. I have had discharge rate of at least 5% per hour and now it's about 2%
  2. No cmwcu-wake-lock kernel! Probably broken gestures for longer battery life! Compiled kernel and boot.img Sources
  3. I have to admit that CwMcuSensor is the thing that make all sensors work. It can be disabled and cwmcu-wake-lock would be gone but light/proximity/accel sensors would not work. This is very sad. I think it's either "too smart" android 5 that want to "feel" user presence by constantly polling sensors or greedy zte that implemented sensor polling in software and saved two pennies on some chip. I've enabled CwMcuSensor back. But I have one more idea: I've commented out wakelock related code. I hope this would make sensors work with screen on and prevent phone from leaving deep sleep on sensor input.
  4. I've tried dt.img and it is ok. Are you sure it would break any sensor? Here is CwMcuSensor source and it seems to me that thing just queries other sensors. Why should it break everyting?
  5. Sure, but why? What can I do with that? Could it help to produce custom rom for this device? I was aiming for source built kernel to get rid of CwMcu driver. Now I found it in android/kernel/drivers/misc/zte-sensor and I want to cut it off. P. S. I've created dt.img like you've said and it's here
  6. Hooray!!! I've edited .version and rebuilt and flashed kernel and now it's visible!
  7. Wifi works, but now I'm not sure It's kernel I've built. /proc/version shows same thing. Is it compile time there? Or am I to edit some version file to track compiled kernel?
  8. More thanks! These tools produced boot.img of right size, it's available here . I've flashed it with Flashify and it is ok.
  9. Could you, please, explain in detail what have you done there and on what purpose?
  10. Big thanks! Doing as you've said I've compiled zImage Is it feasible to produce not-standalone build? Isn't it porting cm to our device and a lot of work? I'm trying to get this image on my device. 1) I've made twrp backup. boot.emmc.win is boot image with kernel and ramdisk, am I right? 2) I've get unpack and repack scripts form here , 3) extracted boot.img-kernel.gz and replaced it with my zImage 4) repacked everything back into boot.img 5) tried flashing it back with twrp with no luck I guess I miss something. Extracted and my kernel sizes matches with delta about 200kb. But Boot.img sized differ: my is 8mb and old is 32 mb. When I flash my boot.img I get device with display not working and just vibrates occasionally. TWRP was still operational so I got everything back.
  11. I need help compiling kernel from sources from zte. I've skimmed through two guides available on xda and done this so far: 1) installed build-essential packages for host os, (opensuse linux x64 with gcc 48) 2) downloaded and extracted latest android NDK from official site 3) set enironment var CROSS_COMPILE 4) extracted sources I've stumbled upon .config. It's nowhere to be found. There's come configs in arch/arm/configs: for snapdragon 410 and 810 processor, but none for our 615. I've copied 410 config (msm8916) to .config and started build with make -j5 ARCH=armbut get missing headers errors What am I do wrong?
  12. Please lets shift focus from "you've caused yourself" to how to install custom kernel on S6.
  13. All S6s have. People in S6 forums on xda/4pda make complains regarding it. I've switched from phone with 3000 mah battery to S6 with 2400 mah battery and I cant understand why old phone lasted for 2 days and S6 barely lasts for one. I one stick into their phone every 5 mins, cmwcu would go below screen/cpu/4g/something else in battery sucker list. And that's why anyone is not complaining. But if one's not and using phone for calls then cwmcu go on 1st place in the list.
  14. I wish it would but sadly it isn't. It is related to "gestures" support, and is there from the fresh start. But while "gestures" can be turned off in settings, this thing continues to run in kernel mode. Correlation can be observed clearly: when phone lays undisturbed at night cwmcu takes less cpu time, but when phone is in pocket and one's walking or driving a car cwmcu takes much more cpu time.
  15. Hello! Given kernel sources and recovery is in place what else needed to produce custom kernel for S6? I'm facing very annoying crmcu-wake-lock that drains battery. Is it feasible to compile stock kernel with said thing commented out and flash it with recovery?
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