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  1. I started the exact same process to be able to put custom ROM on my Huawei Ascend G300 (U8815) running stock 2.3.6, baseband 109808. I followed the steps on http://huaweig300.com/ But now I'm stuck at step 5 the baseband update to 2030 (ICS stock B952): I managed to find the Stock B952 Rom (nearly all links out there are broken)The install worked fineThe phone has rebooted into the ICS Welcome! screen (where you can select language and press Start)BUT I cannot press start, because it doesn't react to any touch input.All physical buttons are fine and the screen rotates upon turning the device on it's side. When I touch the screen, the home/back-buttons light up, so I'm sure it 'feels' my touches. Also: when I long press the Power button and the power dialog comes on, I cannot select these options obviously, but when I touch the screen two or three times, the dialog goes away. If I don't, it doesn't go away. So it must recognize the touches somehow. So far I've tried: install other stock Rom (put on SDCard and reboot with battery out and press both UP DOWN buttons)B952 installed again, same problem (only now it's in English, as the first time it came up in Malay (Indonesian), while I always had it in English and certainly dont understand Malay)B958 install ok, same problemB882 and B888 install failed -> Because these are a downgrade to Gingerbread?boot into fastboot (reboot with DOWN button) to check bootloader using windows fastboot.exe: it's LOCKED. I've sent an email to Huawei to get the unlock code, hope that works.connected a mouse to the usb port, but it doesnt work (no usb otg support I guess)I cannot try any methods that require putting the phone in developer mode because I can't use the touch screen. My hopes are that I get a response from Huawei, so I can unlock the bootloader, root and install Recovery (I think I found commands that can do this from Fastboot), and install some custom Roms. Are there any ideas why the touch screen is not working? I found nobody with the same issue. I must say, the touchscreen was a bit off before I started this, but it definitely worked ok (I touched 'update from sdcard' to start the update in the first place). Because it was off, I had tried some fishy recalibrate apps that didn't help a bit, maybe they destroyed some touch settings? Thanks for your ideas!
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