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  1. Hi can someone tell me if it's worth updating as the only difference is the bold text... mine being 124, the 'new' version being 162... the date of the ROM is the same... Operator version ROM Version 1.31.00 WWE ROM Date 12/13/04 Radio Version 1.06.02 Protocol 1337.38 ExtROM Version 1.31.124 WWE Cheers, M
  2. Hi, My phone seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to switching back to the flashing green LED from the red one to say that a message has been recieved... I open the message, read it, close it, return to the home screen and sometimes the LED is flashing green, other much more annoying times it's still flashing red. The only way to reset this is to perform a soft reset... Any ideas people? M
  3. 'Cannot find 'PPCProfilesTray'... ' That is what I get when I do a reset. Any ideas? Cheers, M M2000
  4. Okay I've had a lateral thinking go at it and it's kinda worked... I've set up an email rule that moves all new emails into a sub folder of my Inbox, called... Inbox. This now allows me to sync just the required subfolders of the Inbox as the actual Inbox is forever empty ;) (did you follow that?) But is there a better way? Cheers, M
  5. Hi, I want to sync just one one folder, a sub folder of the Inbox, for which I can put a tick next to the folder name, this works fine. What I don't want to do is sync the actual Inbox!!! Am I missing something or is there no way round this? Cheers, M
  6. Oh yeah... found it... :oops: though if you don't know the address and you can't get it until you are connected, it's a small pain if you are connecting to a network that only accepts listed mac addresses... Cheers
  7. Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for and more... bloody Orange and their rushed phones!!!
  8. So if you are texting the numbers in the bottom left go up as they should? 160/1 then 161/2 etc? Mines still going crazy...
  9. Does no one send text messages? ;)
  10. Hi, Ive been trying to find out what my Mac address is... anyone know how to find it? Cheers, M
  11. Hi, Just been sending some text messages and I noticed that the '150/1' actually read '150/3' so I carried on typing and it went up to '175/5'! What is going on, I don't want to be sending 5 text messages, when I've only typed two... Anyone else had this problem? Am I getting charged for more than I should be...? Cheers, M
  12. Hi, I've finally managed to connect my phone to the web using a USB adaptor... Skype works, but only for a few seconds, then all sound is lost... anyone with any ideas? Cheers, M
  13. Hi, After paying for the upgrade to M2000 I finally got it just now (it was a long morning!) Anyhow, can you guys answer the following? 1. Did yours have a screen protector on it? 2. Did you notice if your battery had the 'scratches' on it showing it had been used before. 3. Did your infrared 'window' have a protection strip on it? Cheers, M
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