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  1. Done. Ordered with a £5 discount code and TCB, so £160.99. The waiting begins...
  2. So it will still ship from China won't it? Or does it? Even if it takes a couple of weeks I'd be happy at that price if there's no customs charge risk.
  3. I've bought various phones and other pieces of tech from most of the big China sites. All good experiences, got caught out with customs fee a couple of times. But if you're buying direct from China, check if they have customs insurance, usually only a few quid and in the event of having to pay a customs charge, they will refund it to you. @PaulOBrien speaking of eglobal central, how are they? I seen you ordered a couple of Mi A1s from them a few months back. I am looking to order a Redmi Note 5 and have seen the below deal. Delivery stated as being about a week but postage is free and its still a decent bit cheaper than the other sites, any catch? https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/mobiles-and-tablets/mobile-phones/brands/#/product/23687
  4. 8GB is certainly disappointing (unworkable for me) even for a budget device. I was starting to struggle with 16GB devices, where you usually have between 10-12GB. And so just upgraded a few weeks back to the Galaxy S7 and its nice to have a bit of breathing space with the 32GB of storage, I will probably buy a 64GB micro SD card at some point as well. I dont know whether I prefer having an external sd card option or would rather have a 64GB or higher internal capacity, as I previously had a 64GB Oneplus One and found I didnt worry about storage at all. Ideally it would be nice to have 64GB internal and a micro sd slot, as its nice to just have that option of expansion. A phone that did this was the Asus Zenfone 2, its available in (many) different storage variants 16/32/64, but they still added the micro sd slot to each. So for me this falls into a backup phone category, but then for a backup phone there are plenty of other cheaper options available and with 16GB of storage too. So really you have to hope that the adoptable storage feature is actually adopted by more app developers (surely running CM will mean someone can hack a workaround for all apps to use this?), but then again your going to have to stump up for a micro sd card which could add another £20-30 to the cost.
  5. It really has been a great year for cheap chinese phones. They have stepped up in terms of build quality, software and actual useful features (such as large batteries). No other 'big name' manufacturer have really stuck such beefy batteries in their devices, most have if anything gotten smaller in capacity or tried to promote quick charging or wireless charging. I can only see Huawei/Honor getting more and more popular as they're great value for money, if Xiaomi could hook up with some uk/european network providers it would mean even more choice for a large number of users who want a decent, reasonably specced/priced device.
  6. I'm liking the Infocus M810, solid hardware (Snapdragon 801, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM w/sd card slot, 5.5" screen 13MP Sony rear camera/5MP ffc, Etc) and premium design and build quality and really good value at around £100. Added link below, actually ordered one of these the other week so should have it next week! http://www.tinydeal.com/fr/infocus-m810-55-fhd-snapdragon-801-25ghz-android-442-4g-lte-phone-p-155870.html
  7. Hi Paul, will you be doing a full review of the Z1? Also interested to hear about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, these are two 'good value (and hopefully quality) for money' handsets at the moment in my opinion.
  8. Are you going to flash CM12.1 on it? (is it actually available yet?) Does the camera have OIS? I think its the same module as the Oneplus One but with OIS which should be great as the OPO camera is pretty good. Hows battery life so far? standby, SOT? Thoughts on build quality? Is the back cover plastic or glass? Thanks
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