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  1. Come into work this morning, tried to connect with Activesync using bluetooth and it won't. Always has done before. I've deleted the partnership and tried again yet the services provided by the PC don't include Activesync????? It was OK before Christmas. I've tried everything i know but can't get it to connect HELP!!! My Ipaq won't connect either. It's the Activesync that's at fault. I've tried a repair but still doesn't connect.
  2. My phone still shows an unread e-mail even though when I open the account there isn't an e-mail there. Any ideas on how to get rid of the (1) next to the account name???
  3. I've now tried with Media Player 10 at home and can get nothing at all. Media Player doesn't recognise my phone :rolleyes:
  4. How do I get a playlist onto my C600? I have Windows media player 9 on my work PC (Windows 2000) and there doesn't seem to be an option to sunchronise it with my C600.
  5. I have the same headset. If I call people then the my voice doesn't transmit via the headset. It seems to still come from the phone. People say they can hardly hear me. If someone calls me it seems to be OK????
  6. How do I know where my contacts are? SIM card or phone. And how can I copy from phone to sim?
  7. I sync my C600 & my Ipaq with both my home PC & work PC. I accidentally erased my work PCs contacts. Now I have a hell of a job each time I sync. My ringtones and picture IDs have gone, so I re inputed them. Then I synced at home and that buggered it all up again. I think the only thing to do is delete all of contacts and appointments on my work PC and get phone & Ipaq synced with my home PC the transfer them to my work PC. How can I be sure that when I've deleted the contacts and appoinments Active Sync doesn't delete them on my phone instead of retrieving them???
  8. You can use the internet and e-mail when you connect via activesync. This can also be done via bluetooth.
  9. Thanks for that. So I can chose a picture, sync, then delete the picture?
  10. When I add a picture to a contact using Outlook and sync to the phone where is the picture stored on my C600? Thanks.
  11. Appologise if this has been posted before, but, the C600 will now download the contacts list onto a TomTom Go. C500 wouldn't do it. Don't know about the C550.
  12. Started a new game of Free Cell and went through the whole draw pack without being able to place a card. So effectively the game was impossible to play. :??:
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