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  1. It's a pain in the ass process for nothing. I don't think we lack the memory on /system on Y300 maybe only G300 but this isn't worth it
  2. To become official it has to have maintainer (not hard) but it need to be fully working and I think that is not possible for lollipop and newer versions and official support is only for marshmallow and nougat so bad news.
  3. I think that reason why is chill360 kernel is set to 1046 MHz Max is because it's highest stable frequency. However those 40 MHz are not special.
  4. CM 10 developement has stopped long time ago.
  5. Mr Voland

    Y300 bootloader unlock

    Well screw it, I don't have nervs to fight with huawei since I don't use it anymore
  6. Mr Voland

    Y300 bootloader unlock

    Thank you, I couldn't find working link. Damn, something isn't right, I tried getting unlock code but when it comes to connecting to server ot throws me phone not found for both of y300's.
  7. How the hell I find a working dc unlocker to get bootloader unlock code, now when I donwload dc I need to have username where I need to buy credits. But when I unlocked bootloader with this app I didn't have to buy anything, so what to do?
  8. Link is dead. Does anyone can upload it?
  9. Ok, well how much space does lineageos 13 sources are takeing?
  10. Nice, I will test DU and AOSP when I get time, I'm little busy theese days
  11. Nice nice, I'm going to test it when I get to the phone. It seems nice for now. Ali ludara, nije to lepo... :)
  12. Troubles with baseband version maybe? @adeii Maybe you should try to build AOSP, in theory it should be the lightest ROM.
  13. Just keep in mind that this is anicent device so playing some games won't be pleasant.
  14. Any big difference in performance between CM an Lineage?

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