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  1. for me slimbean 4.2.2...i found too error with aosp mod i dont know why
  2. for all daily use and gaming.. with slimkat legacy that i use for a long time now it gave me always play services has stop working..and now i use carbon by luca that doesn't have this problem
  3. @srfarias the problem of The battery drain of The browser is in all LL ROM right? And after installing all my app the system is smoth..but after some times games are unplayable..i don't know why..but for a daily use is perfect... Ah a little bug is that with wifi open in the wifi option in The bar..it says that is connected also if is not connected..for example wifi is turned on but not connected..and it says ALICE-.... connected
  4. Finaly for me a great built..i installed imediately The new versione..deep clean and install like a new rom..all run very smooth..Clash of clans work..alla good @srfarias
  5. you can try but is not optimizated for that device
  6. any update in program? @srfarias any optimization to improve multi task? i think is one of the most important problem... also if doesn't run in backgroung.. to open an app take some time and lag
  7. new build in download thanks @srfarias i will test it soon
  8. i found the perfect tweak for a daily use(not for gaming) kernel to default(ondeman) Max frequency to 1008Mhz App in background: only 1 Grennify to ibernate apps 160 stable ram
  9. the phone at the beginning..use grenify.. deactivate the heads up..and put the limit of app in background to 1 and put powersave kernel to have a good battery life.. you will be stable to 180 of ram .. i don't use the rom because is not god for game,but i made my backup of it.. the wifi problem is when you try to send more than 2 file at thime..if you try to send 3 things the phone reboot..if you send one or two file no
  10. mh yeah i think it works..i send 2 apk trought telegram and it works
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