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  1. Even if you reboot to the bootloader while in recovery, the phone just boots normally. There does not seem to be an accessible fastboot mode on this phone, ZTE have it locked down. Fairly sure the OEM unlocking does nothing.
  2. I'm trying to root the stock Irish 6.0.1 rom. I can't downgrade because the update installed a new recovery that won't accept the 5.1 ROM or the stock Turkish recovery. Has anyone here had success rooting Marshmallow? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Giving a little heads up if you're installing the Marshmallow OTA. I wanted to go back to stock because I was having issues with Cyanogenmod (phone getting warm, distorted audio on video recording, etc...) So I downloaded the 5.1 update and the Turkish stock recovery, and the phone was back to stock 5.1. I then installed the OTA update to Marshmallow and that was fine. But when I went to downgrade back to Lollipop to root and install TWRP I noticed that the recovery was different this time. It also won't install either the older Turkish recovery or the stock 5.1 ROM. Don't know what to at this stage, guess I'm going to have to live with stock Marshmallow The recovery has some 'interesting' options like mount /system and view recovery logs which you can use to view the kernel logs as well.
  4. Is FTM mode fastboot? Because if it is, the phone doesn't even show up
  5. Sorry to post in such an old thread but I found something which may help... http://mytabletguru.com/how-to-flash-qualcomm-cpu/ https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-3/how-to/modified-emmc-file-unlocking-bootloader-t3358486 What are the chances of something like this being possible for the Smart Ultra 6?
  6. @Boggledrooter Thanks for the info, it went smoothly without any trouble right?
  7. @wbrambley Was it not recommended to use the Turkish recovery? I'm going back to stock as well and I don't know if I should use the Irish recovery listed in the OP or the latest Turkish one. Also noticed something strange, the latest update.zip on ZTEs site appears to be Lollipop even though we got an update to Marshmallow this year.
  8. I'm on the same recovery, if I got that rom i would be able to install it right? I can't find that rom anywhere.
  9. That's it exactly. I wasn't sure was it ZTE having corrupt files on their server.
  10. It's not letting me sideload that through ADB. It fails to verify the whole signature.
  11. Hi, I wanted to revert to stock (stock rom and recovery). So I downloaded the latest rom for Ireland and the Turkish recovery listed in the OP. But when I flashed the recovery onto the phone it identifies as 'VDF-995NB02-DE01B-test-keys' Is this the German version? It won't accept the Irish rom through adb sideload. I can't find the German rom anywhere on the ZTE site. Any advice on what to do? Thanks.
  12. Instead of using Kingroot, could you just use MobileGo to get temporary root?
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