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  1. Perfect, everything in order. Maybe I should wait for another way to root the Blade. I don't own another device to make tests. It seems strange to me that the first time I tried rooting with Kingroot and SuperSU ME, it installed the binaries the normal way and the device didn't boot, no matter how many times I try... And this time, the device rebooted after rooting (2nd.Attempt) but SuperSU ME was unable to cope with the binaries. That's why I decided to flash them through TWRP, and you know the result. Maybe I did something wrong. Thankyou!I
  2. Thanks a lot! I'll tell... PD: Works it on internal or external SDcard? Worked from external.Thanks!! Flashing update.zip
  3. My system started to mess just after I reboot the device once I flashed TWRP... anyway sorry, mines are dangerous newbie hands. Maybe I shouldn't have flashed TWRP without proper SU binaries... I have the update.zip. As soon as I can I bring you a link to download the files. Thanks man!! Hello, here you are: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5Mxedx29T3hMTliS1c4ZU5DYTQ&usp=sharing I hope this works , let me know. Thanks!!
  4. Hi all! recovery-twrp2870-p839f30-physical.img installed properly but now can't boot device system, locked at second logo (did something wrong with root I think). Would be helpful stock recovery for ZTE_ES_Blade_S6V1.0.0B05 to flash it again. Please let me now. Thankyou!! Trying factory reset... Doesn't work, tried three times.
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