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  1. Now everything is OK. I'm very grateful for your assistance.Thank you
  2. All the other two were successfully installed except the xperia blade. It came as can't install zip.bad zip . Please do something about it because I want to use that ROM. Thanks for your help too
  3. Please which one has more features and also support battery life. Which will you recommend for me
  4. Please I'm in need of the front camera. I want any ROM that will support the front camera. I'm currently using the Nameless ROM. Even if the original ROM of the zte blade v I want it.What I want is a functioning front camera. Please share the link so I can download. Thank you
  5. Any update for nameless rom? If there is please share the download link
  6. After installing CM11 KKblade V , Port from N909 to Blade v my external sd card capacity has reduced.Need help to restore the original capacity
  7. I install CM11 kkblade v-v3.Can't have access to my SD card.But can have access to my pics when I go to gallery and also front camera is not working and FM also.need a help
  8. Tried to install cynogen mod but wasnt able. Tried several times but it failed
  9. Yh thanks . I've been able to boot into CWM.Thanks a lot
  10. I have installed CWM and it was only once i was able to boot into CWM.i did that using the power button +vol.up. Ever since i havent been able to boot into CWM.If i try to boot into CWM with ROM Manager it still boots into stock recovery. My phone was rooted without a pc. Used root apk.
  11. Hello,please i want to know how to boot into CWM on zte blade v with a firmware v2.2. The power button+vol.up ain't working. It always sends me to android system recovery. Please need your help.
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