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  1. Ok I got TTM working again! If you any of you get that where it won't go passed the aggree screen try this. 1) Remove all traces of TomTom from you mobile. 2) Remove your memory card 3) Recopy the original TomTom 5.00 to your memory card from your old NON QVGA Version SD / Mini SD 4) Reinsert and Powerup SPV. 5) Let the Autorun.exe run. 5) Apply TomTom 5.00 to 5.20 update from website 6) Copy to the new EXE to your Mini SD 7) Start TomTom 8) Reactivate your map/maps Enjoy
  2. Hi all, I have an SPV C550 with a parrot carkit. When you pair the two together it says "Use this as a handsfree device?" or words to that effect! Is it possible to somehow fool the spv into profiile CAR rather than HEADSET when it connects to the parrot? I would like to know because this would solve a software issue! Thanks
  3. Does anybody know where the *.ink files are loctated that smartphone uses to place short cuts on your start menu? Thanks in advance or maybe thats *.lnk
  4. Hi All I recieved my replacement phone from orange yesterday evening. Sim Unlock and App Unlock went fine, I then inserted the Same Mini SD that I have copied my TomTom files onto into my C550. Turned the phone on and and get the question "Do you wish to run this program, possibly unsafe source". So assuming this is the TomTom Autorun.exe file I click yes. TomTom has appeared to install, it has put TomTom Contacts and TomTom on the start menu. However when I ran TomTom I got to the "I agree" page. At this point I cannot go any further. Does anybody have any idea why. I could not find anything on the forum. The only idea I have is that my copy of TomTom Mobile 5 is the c500 version with the 5.2 patch already applied on it? Could this effect it? Secondly TomTom is not on my remove applications page. Does this mean it has not installed correctly? Thanks in advance P.S I didn't say but TomTom was working fine from that copy in my last handset.
  5. Hi People, I have a C550 which orange will be replacing for another tomorrow under warranty. I wish to back up as much of the phone as possible to transfer over. I have done the standard activesync and jeyo mobile extender for text messages, but i can't think of anything else. Can any of you? Am I forgetting something important? or am I just paronoid? Also my phone is Sim Unlocked (which I paid for), and I have heard/read somewhere that there is software that can do it for free on the internet. Does anybody know where I can get it from? I looked on the forum but everything seemed to be about application unlocking. Thanks
  6. I have had a C500 and C550 and one of the things that has always impressed me is the video quality of movies that i have put onto the phone from converting a dvd and played using TCPMP. My question is this? Has anybody seen video played on a Nokia N70 or N90 and is the quality as good? Thanks
  7. I have had a C500 and C550 and one of the things that has always impressed me is the video quality of movies that i have put onto the phone from converting a dvd and played using TCPMP. My question is this? Has anybody seen video played on a Nokia N70 or N90 and is the quality as good? Thanks
  8. Thanks PPCPassion, From his link there is an MSDN page which is really useful. Basically if you use Ruttensofts home screen designer then look at the XML it generates. The QVGA is 1.363 times bigger than the standard windows mobile phones. So basically design your screen to fit a C500. then edit the XML in notepad and multiply all dimensions by 1.363 and your screen is now fully qvga! Great! Thanks again
  9. Just had a thought having seen somebody has posted about ruttensoft. If you have a little bit of XML knowledge, could you not use ruttensoft screen designer to create the homescreen 90% to how you want it then do some simple editing to make it fit QVGA? Also does anybody know how I change the orange logo that appears when calling / going through the phone book?
  10. Hi people, many years ago I used to have a Sony Ericsson T610 which i made a really good theme for using a theme designer. The buttons, menus, background menu bar... ...well the whole lot was unique. I know that because the SPV C550 uses XML and Windows it is even more flexible. I believe the menu system colours can be changed as well (from white and blue striped)? What I am really trying to find is a guide or program that will help me get through creating a new one, being on 02 with an orange 550 there are a few "orange" logos when making a call etc that i would like to remove. Anybody know a site where it shows you how to build a theme bit by bit so you can get to understand it as you are making creating it? Thanks in advance David
  11. Hi Mini_man OK really the best package out there in my view is TomTom mobile 5. It is shipped with a GPS unit, and now (if you have purchased a legal version) works with QVGA. It is easy to use and fully compatible with your handset... ..finally. The only downside is that it is quite expensive. don't know what the best place to buy it from is as my company paid for mine
  12. I have had a 550 since new and never updated the ROM, however my operator rom is That is surely newer than
  13. Indeed, it does run .JAR games. Also unlike any other handset i have seen you can bluetooth your games on from your spv to other handsets. However the real killer and the main reason for getting a smartphone is smartphone applications. There are some great games out there, that are windows based. Look alot nicer etc. A great example is Joe's treasure quest. Look on google for some screenshots!
  14. Surely Internet Explorer should not have 85% share of browsers as its the worst.... ...but it does! To the best of my knowledge that is how you are suppost to do it!
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