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  1. Please stop spreading this rumour. It's based on nothing. I have used Android for a long time and never have I heard of an operating system update beeing distributed by IMEI. If you have any real proof(vodafone/zte representatives quotes) feel free to post it here. For now, nobody knows how the update is distributed.
  2. It happened to me and I found an easy fix by googling: Go to settings > about phoneClick “build number” 6 times fastYou’ll see “you’re now a developer” as a notification at the bottom.Go back to settings, you’ll now see developer options above ‘about phone’.Go in developer options, and click “disable hardware overlays” under the drawing sectionSo now I have disabled that option and all is fine. For me the blue flickering was in the imdb app also when I watched movie traillers.
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