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  1. NEVER even consider switching to Orange if you intend to use Data. The £8 is for 30Mb only you will use this inside a week without thinking about it. Drop Orange and only consider the other networks
  2. Are you having a laugh or just deliberately trying to wind up Orange customers. 3's data offerings are as good probably better due to price than T-Mobiles. Orange do not offer any data bundles that can even be considered usable. for your info, Orange offer........ 1. £8 for 30Mb per month 2. £5 for Evenings and Weekends Unlimited (however as Orange have informed me Unlimited means 30Mb cap) 3. £1 a day again capped but not sure what the cap is, but you have to ring them to activate before using. Modem use is not permitted, VIOP is not reccommended although the data quantity would restrict it anyway. My recommendation is...................realise when you have a good thing and forget Orange
  3. Looks like 'The Register' have now picked up on the latest Orange joke................would be funny if it wasnt so true. The Register reports Orange's latest 'Spot the Bull' joke
  4. Just go through the selction of phone and tariff then you get the choice of data text etc, the data is £.50 for 120mb 1st month free
  5. Cant believe it just seen the Vodafone............yes you heard me Vodafone, data offer £7.50 for 120Mb So our options are now: 1st Place. T-Mobile £7.50 for 1GB 2nd Place. Vodafone £7.50 for 120MB 3rd Place. Orange £8.00 for 30MB For all those people who cant get a decent T signal looks like Vodafone are now the only alternative, Orange are now going to lose out to T & Vodafone. 120Mb would do me especially if I stopped using things like SBSH weather., maybe the Nokia N95 is the one for me on Vodafone now, and flog my Orange M5000
  6. Hi Paul (MVP) Any chance you can speak to whoever got you the info on their data pricing. As its not what orange have actually done, so its looking more like a scam to con people into signing up on upgrades etc instead of jumping to T Mobile. The actuall palns they have brought out are: 1. £5 Evening and Weekend Unlimited. but £3 per meg for out of bundle usage then £1 per meg over 15meg 2. £8 Anytime capped to 30mb per month then £3 per meg over 30 meg then £1 for over 15meg over the 30meg 3. £1 per day unlimited, but you have to activate it with a call to CS satff every day. otherwise £3 per meg. Doesnt really look competive at all hey?? although £30 a month is better than previosuly allthough the thought of phoning CS staff everyday is enough to make a grown man cry...........or jump to T............LOL Sorry guys for posting so much........just real frustrated..........although at least you all get a good view of Kylies greatest hit.
  7. Forgot to mention if you want the magical unlimited its £1 per day, but the catch is you have to call them EVERY day to activate it, otherwise any use before activation will be £3 per meg........................gets better eh Oh well, I've already switched to T Mobile for one contract and I have 3 months to go before I can switch the other, was just hoping that O would come up with a real data package not this mickey mouse one. Looks like its the death of Pocket PC for me, if I cant use my M5000 on the internet then there is not point in having anything other than a basic phone anymore. Any suggestions on a decent phone that isnt design for use on the web
  8. The £8 for 30MB is crap and to make it worse outside of 30MB its charged at £3 per meg. Also the Evenings and Weekends is charged at £3 per Mb outside of the bundle
  9. Well, I've been on the phone to Orange........amazingly got through straight away no waiting. However it went downhill from there. My question to them was: "I'm looking to put a decent data bundle on to my M5000 to be able to use the internet and Orange World, what can you offer me" His reply: "We do 3 pricings. 1: Evenings and weekends at £5 unlimited 2. £1 per day unlimited 3. £8 for 30 Mb per month" Thats it nothing else. What utter rubbish. Im hoping some of you guys and girls, have got somewhere better and if so let us all know, cos the muppet I spoke was adamant that there was no other information............................despite the fact I told him the info I had read was that Orange World usage was free, it was only Internet usage that was chargeable, but he still insisted that was it.
  10. Just spoken to O again, well it's always worth phoning back as you get someone completely different every time. Anyway, I told the guy I wanted something that would give me about 20 - 30mb a day, he said the best option with the new tariffs would be: Get the £8 for 30 MB / month and add to it the £5 Evening and Weekend 1GB ie £13 / month. I told him I was dissapointed that Orange have failed to come up with anything competive with the other networks. His answer was unfortunately any user using more than 1 - 2mb per day should really be using a data card and not a mobile phone as its not practicable to use that much. For obvious reason I laughed at him, and tolf him I was using their 3G M5000, only to be told....... ahhh yes the exception, unfortunately Orange dont have anything to cater for heavy usage, its all aimed at a quick peek at something on the web, not proper surfing or email.
  11. The Quote from O in Pauls starter message: "Monthly Anytime browsing for £8 (for seasoned surfers who demand great value for all their mobile browsing)" Obviously goes to prove O have totally lost the plot if they honestly believe that £8 for 30MB represents great value to seasoned surfers for mobile browsing.
  12. I took it to be 30MB cap per day for pay as you go. But the way I was told by the CS staff the £8 monthly anytime tariff was capped to 30MB per month, dunno if this mean you can also add the evenings and weekend package as well, giving you 30MB daytime and 1GB evenings and weekends. Either way it seems Orange have failed to provide what anyone really wants and they have made it as confusing as they possibly can
  13. Hi All, Just spoken to a guy at Orange..............and he surprised me by telling me that yes the new data packages will be available on the 1st June. I asked him to confirm the £8 monthly unlimited (fair play), he said nothing's on their system yet however they have just had training on the packages. And guess what no F##**#* unlimited package that they know of. The only £8 one that they have been informed of is for 30Mb per month, then another capped at £1.50 a day, and the existing £5 evenings and weekends. Anyone else got any better info, or have Orange backed down totally
  14. Totally agree, however when Orange shows an £8 unlimited package on their website and then sells in to people, but you turn up and say yep I like that i'll buy it from you, you dont expect Orange to turn round and tell you no you cant have it, and despite every possible attempt they still will notsell it, that ends up as blatant discrimination.
  15. Exactly sums them up completely, they do have the exact plan that everyone wants, but refuse to give it to people, unless of course the day you phone up you happen to get through to someone thats just been given the best news they could possibly ever receive and they are in such a good mood that they agree to you haveing it, otherwise your out of luck, doesnt matter what price plan or 'animal' you are on, doesnt matter how much you spend, doesnt even matter if you are a new customer or a loyal long term customer, it is totally dependant on the time, the day, the person, which way the winds blowing, etc etc etc.
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