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  1. I'm free of the M700 now. Well until I post it off ;) Eten can do as many interviews as they like, but they have a lot to learn about customer support. Yes there's always going to be a percentage of users who you can't please, usually down to astronomically high expectations. However the few features I actually use on a smartphone (SMS, MMS and GPRS) two of these didn't work. A customer scorned is a customer lost. Some brands have many fans, some people will follow brands like Sony quite loyally. Eten won't ever achieve these levels of loyalty if they don't ensure their product works on all networks.
  2. X500/M700 GPRS doesn't work on T-Mobile/Virgin in the UK. The G icon doesn't appear and when you try to connect you get an error. At least HTC's cameras don't have interference lines on the picture.
  3. I don't buy that excuse, the Sony Ericsson P990i is cheaper than the Eten M700.
  4. 3G has been out over 2 years now. Eten and others have an R&D department, they should always be looking ahead and planning the introduction of such things. Of course it's largely Microsoft's support for taking so long to add support for 3G in the OS.
  5. True, but then you have multiple vendors rebadging HTC devices and there's a good user community who provide OEM and custom ROMs. The GPS update for Trinity was promised for Orange users? Anyway, in a few days time my M700 will be sold ;) I will have to go back to using an old Nokia until my E90 arrives, but given that the M700's camera is rubbish and GPRS doesn't work all I am losing is GPS.
  6. LOL, I was going to make a joke along those lines. Maybe you have to move country to get an Eten to work properly :D
  7. Exactly, A2DP is a convienience issue, sound quality will always be better with wired phones. But not being able to use MMS, Mobile Internet? you might as well go back to an old Nokia 3310.
  8. Indeed, HTC are guilty of releasing tons of very marginally different devices. Difference is HTC have the manufacturing capability, Eten doesn't. I waited two months for my M700 and they kept missing shipping dates. Support will be a lot easier if they release less and actually actively develop the firmware. Have people fixing the problems and even adding extra features. Developing hardware costs a lot of money, Microsoft develop the OS which lightens the load a lot. So if you produce a good device with a 1-2 year lifespan and have a few good programmers resolving firmware issues that's surely cheaper?
  9. True, but if you buy a phone with Internet capabilities and that feature doesn't work then you have a faulty device. If the fault is in the software then the vendor has to provide a solution as the warranty applies.
  10. I just don't believe in the "network is wrong, the phone is right" approach given that all other phones are apparently working fine. I realise other vendors have problems, however I personally have problems with my Eten and never did with Mio or HTC. While they say they are looking at a fix, they haven't provided an update and I'm not sure they ever will. They also stated the X500 and M700 have TMC yet it doesn't work and there's no indication if it ever will. Windows Mobile OEMs are well known for their poor support and attitude, it's even mention in other media sites: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/09/04/so...view/page6.html Quote: "That's not something that can be said for its new rivals, the anonymous Asian manufacturers who are pumping out generic Windows Mobile devices at a furious clip. Such vendors often appear more concerned with the model that will be appearing over the horizon, rather than fixing one that's just been released - and they don't have a brand to tarnish." In my experience the above is true.
  11. Why is it every other phone I have owned has worked 100% perfectly first time then? Eten's phones have had tons of problems, you should try reading the Eten Users forum. Echo problems, lines on a camera, SIM status errors, Headphone socket faults, buzzing coming from the keyboard etc.. etc.. Unfortunately Eten don't care about their reputation or they would fix this, therefore it is my right to tarnish their reputation publicly.
  12. Looks like a much more appealing design than the X500. However Eten are on my blacklist now as they can't or won't fix their incompatibility with T-Mobile and Virgin, so I'll never buy or recommend their junk again.
  13. Yep, I have ordered a Nokia E90 communicator. I loved my Nokia 9210 communicator despite it's crummy memory allocation (the new one has 128mb of RAM so it won't be an issue now). Back to Symbian, I've had WM devices for 2 years now, time for change. Microsoft needs to get their act together, they spend their time making compact SQL databases for their phones instead of powerful multimedia features. Give anyone the choice of running SQL and recording video [email protected] and I know what most people will want. Even business users like to take pictures etc..
  14. Now there's a surprise then, Ebay tonight then. I just wish the self portrait mirror wasn't chipped ;) I've never had a chipped mirror ever. Just shows they use cheap parts.
  15. I guess there's no news then? Time to put my M700 on ebay I think.
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