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  1. cheap and very grippy. Stays on car dash without sliding but doesnt feel tacky. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400985626338
  2. Sadly, my problems were not due to DPI. Guess I'll be going to the VF shop [emoji29] And, I've tried a full reset to no avail too.
  3. thought as much however, thanks for the wisdon ;o)
  4. Hi, BTW, also posted on XDA so apologies if the duplication annoys anyone ;o)anyone have any idea what's happening here?Get daily restarts that appear inconsistent in nature (sometimes browsing, sometimes upgrading apps with Play store, etc) and result in the white vertical bands you can see in the photos. The screen 'twitches' for want of a better word whilst the phone boots normally. If I wait until fully booted then turn screen off/on the bands disappear and phone is 'normal' again until the next time.Not rooted and only mod is dpi set to 380. UK03c build.thanks,Daz
  5. Have same issue and have not found a fix. Tried different keyboards and a reset too, to no avail [emoji29]
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