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  1. If you can read English in this web and have a lot post can help you. Example:
  2. Hi twu2, Thanks for all how to use WinCE Cab Manager create cab file from zzzOEM_XXXX folder. I would like to create cab install file from OEM folder.
  3. Apps Package from JC1 <_< 1.Asphalt4.CAB 2.CrayonPhysics.CAB 3.Dice.CAB 4.golfvip.CAB 5.Voice_commander.CAB
  4. Dear KSTAN, Do you know how to remove ringtones list from setting rings? I would like to clean up. I only have one Samsung Tune .mp3 file but list for select show old all rings cannot select the others. Thank you,
  5. Request: Full Rom Cooking Manual with All Tools Thank you in advance,
  6. Dear rodrigofd, Thanks all the best but cannot load cabs.
  7. Thank a lot , you're a good man for my Omnia II
  8. Thanks for good tool! Is it can use for restore dump rom after backup dump rom? Sorry for my english. Thanak you again.
  9. May be can Help but I never try it before. http://www.4winmobile.com/forums/e-ten-ace...-x960-wvga.html Here's a step by step guide on how to install M2D WVGA Important Note: For anyone who wants to use M2D, I recommend using a lite ROM. Because most of the M2D installation files requires to be placed in the Device Storage memory, M2D will eat more or less 50MB device storage and use 20mb+ of RAM. Working Parts: 1. Home Tab-OK 2. People Tab- Ok 3. SMS-OK 4. E-mail- (haven't tested this but it seems ok) 5. Internet tab- Ok (Browser Opera, Youtube (WVGA available. Check fixes below.) 6. Photo Video tab- little bit ok (as of now preview doesn't fit the frame and video and camera shortcut do not work) 7. Music tab- OK (Audio Manager available in WVGA-portrait only) 8. Weather Tab- OK 9. Locations Tab-OK (google maps in WVGA) 10. Settings Tab-OK 11. Programs Tab- OK 12. HTC Album -OK Things to do with this version: (need your help) -Image preview in the Photo and Videos Widget doesn't fits the frame. Can be easily fix, just looking for the right .xml entries. (If anyone had edit the HTCHomeSettings.xml before, your help is gladly appreciated) -Audio Manager (portrait fix available), and Opera are still in VGA...YouTube app is unusable because its in QVGA (looking for working WVGA versions at the moment, know some?) -Works in Portrait only. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok here it goes: Things you need: a. A lite ROM (A Must) b. A file explorer that can overwrite system files like Total Commander or Resco Explorer(this one is nice) c. Files from http://rapidshare.com/files/233669330/M2D_for_VGA.rar d. (Optional) Backup app like Spb Backup e. .Net Framework 3.5 installed Note: The files you downloaded were made for XDA Flame and were compiled by someone in the Flame forum (Thank you whoever you are). Fortunately their version works with other non-HTC VGA devices . Of course our devices are WVGA... There is a workaround to make M2D VGA to M2D WVGA *(Optional) It is recommended to make backup first before installing M2D 1. Open M2D_for_VGa.rar. There are 5 folders (Number named) inside. Place them somewhere on your Memory Card. 2. Open Folder 1 and install the files by number. Do not install YouTube QVGA, instead, install WVGA version below. 3. After installing Manila2d_0.11.all.devices.cab Go to Settings/Today/Items. Uncheck TouchFLO 2D. 4. M2D is still QVGA so we have to make it VGA. Open folder 2 and place all the files in there to /Windows(using eg. Resco Explore). You will be asked to overwrite files, just choose overwrite all. 5. Now go again to Settings/Today/Items and check TouchFlo 2D. Go to Home Screen and check if M2D VGA is working. If not, try repeating steps 1-5. If still M2D fails to launch, you must do a hard reset, restore backup (told you so) and repeat steps 1-5. IF M2D LAUNCHES: 6. Yup it is still in VGA. Again, go to Settings/Today/Items and uncheck TouchFlo 2D. 7. Using Resco Explorer (or other file explore you preffer) go to /Windows, find HTCHomeSetting.xml and Delete this. 8. Download HTCHomeSetting.xml from http://www.4shared.com/file/13794698..._Daskalos.html. Extract then place in /Windows. I have modified the .xml file to make this M2D version WVGA 9. Go to Settings/Today/Items check Touchflo 2D. Go to the homescreen and see if M2D WVGA succesfully loads. Note M2D must now fill the whole screen (minus the bottom bar and task bar of course). You have successfully installed M2D WVGA 10. Go back to the numbered folders and open Folder 3 and install only the following: - Comm Manager - RandomAccess - Volume Controls Other cabs in this folder doesn't work on Acer. 11. Go to folder 4 and open folder "Album Vga Files". Move the contents to /Windows. Open folder "Opal Audio Manager VGA skin" and move contents again to /Windows. Overwrite all files. 12. On folder 4 there are 3 cabs, install all except PsiDOC_Wifi_all 13. Optional: Install cabs on folder 5. Now that's it...Enjoy M2D WVGA... You might notice the HTC Album is still jumbled, M2D background is short and you can't turn Wifi On.... Check below for fixes FIXES FIXES FIXES 1. HTC Album Fix Close M2D and go to /Windows. Locate files ha_skin_cache_l and ha_skin_cache_p. Delete these files. Download: http://www.4shared.com/file/13795320..._Daskalos.html .Extract and transfer folder in memory card. Move or copy the contents of folder to /Windows. Overwrite all. Run HTC album and see if it's ok. 2. Wifi Fix Using a reqistry explorer go to HKLM\Software\CommManager\WLAN\Device Name. Change TNETW12511 to SDIO86861. Soft Reset. 3. X- end button doesn't work on Acer A good substitute is the HTC Task Manager for Non-htc devices link is in my tips,tricks and tweaks thread 4. Audio Manager WVGA (Portrait mode only) Download http://www.4shared.com/file/13799886..._daskalos.html . Extract folder and place in memory card. Copy/Move contents to \Windows. Overwrite all. This will make Audio Manager in WVGA, but only in Portrait Mode (landscape is still qvga) 5. YouTube WVGA Download http://www.4shared.com/file/13802806...layerWVGA.html. Install .cab. For those who had already installed the QVGA version do not uninstall it. Just install the WVGA version. 6. M2D background Fix Dowload HTC Album Fix. Inside the folder find hh_fw_background.png and hh_fw_focus_background.png and place them in \Windows\ManilaGFX
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